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How Big Should a Deck Box Be?

So, you’re thinking about getting a deck box? They’re a great addition to your outdoor storage lineup. However, there are so many options when it comes to deck boxes. The color, the brand, and the style are all factors to consider. One of the biggest though is the sizing. How big should a deck box actually be? Let’s explore this and the factors that play into it.

How Much Space Do You Have?

The first thing you’ll need to consider is how much space you have in your yard, on your patio, or on your deck for a storage box. If you have a smaller space like a patio, you won’t want to buy a huge deck box that takes up all of your space or doesn’t fit. The fit will matter less if you have a bigger area to put the deck box, but you’ll still want to measure out your ideal space before selecting a box and carefully consider how much space it will take up. It’s the worst when you buy something, set it up, and realize that it’s the totally wrong size. So, do yourself a favor and measure out the space carefully before you decide how big of a deck box you want to buy.

What are you Storing?

Another thing to keep in mind is what you’ll be storing in your deck box. Will you be using it for patio cushions, furniture, tools, pool toys, and the list goes on and on? There are so many things you can store in a deck box. Basically, if it’s cluttering your garage or mud room, it’s probably a good candidate for the deck box.

Make sure to carefully measure and think through what needs to be stored, then you can decide how big of a deck box you need. If you just want some extra general storage space, and don’t have anything specific in mind, buy the deck box you like best, and place items in it to see how well they fit. 

What are the Deck Box’s Features?

This might seem like a silly question, but it does matter when it comes to the size. If a box includes certain features, it might mean less room to store your things. So, as you research deck boxes, carefully consider the features before buying. For example, a deck box might look big at first glance, but once you open it up, you might notice it has a thicker top which means less storage space. So, in that instance, you’ll want to compare the number of items each deck box will hold.

So, how big should a deck box be? It really depends on your individual needs. If you’re looking for a weather-resistant, durable, easy-to-assemble deck box, you need to check out these deck boxes for patios from Keter. They come in beautiful neutral colors and designs that look like they’re made from wood without all of the cracking, rotting, rusting, and peeling wooden deck boxes can bring with them.

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