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Types of Lockers & Safes You Should Know About

Everybody has some possessions and assets they want to keep as secure as possible. These priceless valuables can be stored and protected in security lockers against theft, fire, flooding, and other unanticipated events. Legal papers, bonds, certificates, passports, jewelry, money, and other goods may be included in these articles.

We have covered the various types of vaults in this post to give readers a thorough understanding before making a purchase. However, it is crucial to thoroughly understand the locker before purchasing or installing one at your house, place of business, or any other location. This will help you determine which type is appropriate for your needs and requirements.

Electronic / Digital Locker

The looks and operations of locks have changed dramatically as technology has progressed. The security levels have increased with the addition of electronic locks, which are a little more sophisticated than their mechanical counterparts.

These electronic vaults have a battery-operated digital keypad. They are identical to conventional ones, except they require a four- to six-digit password to be input on the keypad.

Fingerprint Locker

Due to the lack of a key or code, these vaults usher in a new age in locking technology. They emphasize biometrics about a person. Only the saved fingerprint can access the biometric sensor on it. Doing so offers a high level of protection and eliminates worries about someone duplicating the keys or stealing the passcode.

Mechanic/ Key Locker

When we hear the word “mechanical lock,” we immediately picture a spinner made of brass or stainless steel with little numbers engraved on its surface. They can be fitted with a lock and key system or a spinner that must be revolved multiple times to fit in the exact passcode.

Combination Locker 

These are popular choices that have emerged as a new security trend. The combination securing mechanism uses a mixture of numbers and letters in a series rather than just a 4-digit or 6-digit passcode. It has a single revolving dial with carved numbers and inscriptions on it. To open them, turn the dial and enter the right number or letter.

Fire Resistant Safes

Depending on their quality, these offer fire resistance for up to an hour or several minutes. They can hold things like your will, automobile insurance, and other legal records that need to be protected from fire.

Jewelry Safe

All of the priceless jewelry and other stuff are kept in it. Despite being hefty steel, these are aesthetically beautiful inside because they have velvet coverings that shield fragile goods from dampness and other factors. They ought to be put in a location that is both secure and convenient. 

Gun Safes

It is primarily made to store firearms and other items you need to keep out of children’s reach; thus, they are made specifically for that purpose. They come in various sizes, strength levels, and other characteristics, such as fireproof gun vaults with burglary resistance, etc.

Burglary-resistant Locker 

These may be built into walls, floors, or even closets since they are compact and secure. They come in various closing and opening mechanism types and are typically fireproof. To boost their level of protection, they have been made heavier.

Hotel Safes

These are the types that guests can find in hotel rooms that are offered by the staff to keep valuables in one place. However, they have a minimal level of protection. Usually, the hotel staff holds a backup key or card to open these in an emergency.

Media Safes

They are designed to withstand extreme heat while maintaining the greatest security standards. These are among the best and most expensive options available, and they are used to protect priceless documents and digital assets like CDs, audiotapes, films, and other items.

To Wrap Up

Now that you have a fair understanding of the various types and aspects you need to keep in mind when purchasing a lock, it’s best to choose brands that have a high reputation of providing the best protection for your house. Choose the best in the range of these locks and get hands-on protection for your home. 

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