Everything You Need to Know About Metal Roof Cleaning

As a roofing material, metal is superior to its alternatives in terms of low maintenance requirements. If the base and coating are selected well, a metal roof should never need refinishing. Low upkeep, however, does not imply zero maintenance. Every roof, regardless of its material, requires periodic maintenance. Check out London Eco Metal Manufacturing for more information.

Correctly handled metal roofs may last for decades without repainting. However, dirt and debris will always find their way up onto your roof, no matter what you use. Therefore, every season, you should clean the roof’s surface and fix any problems you find using our metal roof care advice:

Methods Most Effective for Cleaning a Metal Roof

After you’ve double-checked that you have everything you need for a safe roof cleaning, you can start working on your metal roof. A good place to start is by clearing the area of any clutter. The term “debris” is meant to include more than just leaves and sticks.

Then, you may simply use water to wash away the dust and debris. You may avoid climbing onto your metal roof and into potentially dangerous working areas by using a garden hose instead. Power washing a metal roof is something many homeowners want to know, and although it is possible, we advise against it. First and foremost, a power washer’s concentrated spray may produce dents in a metal roof if it is directed too closely. Power washers are cumbersome and heavy; without the right extensions, it may be challenging to raise them high enough to clean the whole roof.

A mild cleaning agent may be required for persistent stains. A quarter cup of detergent, such as car cleaning soap or mild dish soap, mixed with a gallon of water is all you need to clean your automobile. After that, simply use a sponge, microfiber cloth, or soft-bristle brush to apply the solution to your metal roof and let it set for 5-10 minutes. Finally, flush the area with clean water to remove any traces of the cleaner. Cleaning a metal roof in this manner is one of the least complicated and least time-consuming options available.

To make sure you don’t harm or remove the paint or finish of your roof, we suggest consulting a product expert before applying any chemicals or solutions. Metal roofs that have been stained by things like rust or algae may need more than just a rinse with soap and water to get them looking like new again. You should get in touch with us before using any other cleaning methods since doing so might cause irreparable harm to your metal panels.

Tips to Metal Roof Cleaning

There are a few more considerations that may be useful to bear in mind while cleaning metal roofing, such as:

Find a rain-free day.

Do not clean your roof on a bright day, since the metal panels will get very hot and might cause serious injury if touched. Metal panels, especially on bright days, may cause glare due to their ability to reflect light. It’s inevitable that your metal roof will get wet while you clean it, but you should still try to avoid doing it on a rainy day if at all possible.

Only clean where you can reach

Finding out how far up your roof you can go in order to clean it is important before you start dragging up tools and other cleaning materials. Hoses will help you reach farther, but if there are spots that are too dangerously out of reach to scrub by hand, it’s better to avoid them.

Be careful not to waste or misuse any cleaning supplies.

Simply following the provided instructions is our primary advice. Damage to the metal or paint system might result from excessive usage or abuse, such as using too much cleaning solution, using it for too long, or using a solution that is too concentrated. This could also invalidate one or more warranties, leaving you on the hook for the expense of a roof replacement. Mistreatment or excessive usage might also hasten the corrosive process.

Repair little flaws using touch-up paint.

Sometimes the spot you’re trying to get rid of is really a scratch in the coating, the consequence of anything from installation mistakes to a limb falling on the roof in a storm. Applying touch-up paint correctly requires following the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Without the manufacturer’s approval, repairing a roof’s flaw might make it worse or even nullify the warranty.

Never use damaging products

Metal roofs should never be cleaned using abrasive products like wool scrubbers, sandpaper, paint thinners, high-pressure washers, or wire brushes. Using such items will scrape and otherwise harm your panels. Ignore them at all costs!

Get help from an expert.

If you have any doubts about how to metal roof cleaning or if the prospect of doing so makes you nervous, it is best to engage a professional roof cleaning service. They will successfully do the task, relieving any stress you may be experiencing. The cost of hiring a professional service will be more than if you did it yourself, but you will save time and ensure that your roof remains in good condition.

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