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6 Great Gifts for People Who Work From Home

At this point, most of us know (or are) someone who works from home. This means that getting some work from home gifts is a perfect opportunity to help your loved one be more comfortable and productive.

However, since they likely already have their work from home essentials covered, you’ve got to think outside the box a bit for gifts that will make their daily lives better.

If you are looking for holiday great gifts for employees, gifts for people who work from home, or even something to improve your own office setup, here are five fantastic work from home gifts.

1. Stay Caffeinated All Day Long with an Ember Mug

Even for those who work from home, coffee is still a daily staple. However, those who work from home are just as busy as those in the office, which means their coffee is liable to grow cold as meetings and emails pile up.

Grabbing an Ember Mug self-heated coffee mug this holiday season means your loved one won’t need to pull away from work to reheat their coffee, thereby upping their productivity. Embedded within this mug is a microprocessor that ensures their beverage stays at the exact temperature users set in the Ember companion app.

Plus, the smart mug’s app is super easy to use, letting them focus on their work without worrying about lukewarm coffee. 

Alternatively, for those that prefer espresso, an equally convenient drinking experience is available through the 6-ounce Ember Cup. Ideal for flat whites, cappuccinos, and cortados, the Ember Cup allows you to enjoy the full cup of your brew without worrying about it cooling down while at work.

2. Enjoy Some Tunes through the beyerdynamic PHONUM Bluetooth Speaker

Since those who work from home don’t need to worry about disturbing any coworkers, music is a must for many. Therefore, getting a work from home gift like the PHONUM Bluetooth Speaker from beyerdynamic is sure to be a hit.

Reasonably priced, small footprint, and fantastic sound quality, this Bluetooth speaker is perfect for use in a home office to listen to music or join conference calls from. Give the gift of sweet tunes this holiday season with this great work from home tool.

3. Keep the Perfect Posture using an ErgoFoam Adjustable Orthopedic Footrest

Those who work desk jobs need to pay attention to their posture and give their bodies the support it needs. This means that a great gift for people who work from home is the ErgoFoam Adjustable Orthopedic Footrest.

This adjustable footrest helps to promote good posture throughout the day and has been proven to reduce soreness in the back, feet, and legs.

When it comes to work from home gifts, something as thoughtful and practical as this footrest is sure to become an essential part of your loved one’s workspace.

4. Upgrade Your Existing Desk with the VariDesk Pro Plus 30

While a footrest is sure to be very helpful, it is important for those who work desk jobs to alternate between sitting and standing. However, adjustable-height desks can be quite expensive. This is where the VariDesk Pro Plus 30 makes for an amazing work from home gift.

Designed to be placed on a standard desk, this adjustable height desktop converter allows users to work while standing, without breaking the bank.

What better Christmas gift can you give than less pain and better health?

5. Stay Organized using VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP Cable Ties

With so many devices plugged in at once, anyone who works from home can tell you that cable management is a constant struggle. An organized desk will help clear their mind and focus on the task at hand. Therefore, a simple and inexpensive work from home gift is the VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP Cable Ties. This gift will allow your loved one to declutter their desk and make their home office much more aesthetically pleasing. 

6. Create a Green Environment with a House Plant from The Sill

Employees who work from home may sometimes feel stuck at their desks, unable to experience the much-needed sunshine and greenery that accompanies commuting to the office. Give the gift of a houseplant from The Sill to introduce some fresh decor for their office that will last for years to come!

The Sill offers a variety of plants that are perfect for your work situation, selling plants of different sizes, species, and pet and light compatibility. Worried that their new decor might be too hard to take care of? Choose from a variety of low-maintence plants that are best for beginners. 

Great Gifts for People Who Work from Home

Help your loved ones that work from a home office to be more comfortable and productive by picking them up any of these fantastic work from great gifts in 2022. They’ll be thinking of how much you’ve improved their lives every Monday through Friday! 

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