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5 Important Garage Door Repair Tips

People pay hundreds of dollars to repairmen to get minor problems fixed. With little knowledge and training, these problems can be easily solved. Well, the same can be said for the repair and maintenance of garage doors. More often than not, it has something to do with batteries and sensors, hence no need to pay a hefty fee to garage door repair services.

Garage doors are often ignored, however, you can keep them working efficiently by doing some preventive maintenance. Address the wear and tear early on to save costly repairs and prevent excessive damage.

5 Important Garage Door Repair Tips

The garage door should be serviced and maintained frequently based on how often it is used. Moreover, keep it clean and remove all the outdoor pollutants with a homemade cleaning solution.

To carry out small repairs, you must have sufficient knowledge and familiarity with its working mechanism. Follow these simple garage door repair tips to avoid the cost of repair and replacement.


Observe how the garage door opens and closes and if it makes weird sounds. Inspect the way it moves, often too slow or wobbly movements indicate problems with tracks, rollers, springs, and cables. It could also mean that the moving parts need to be lubricated.

In addition, shrieking or grinding sounds indicate loose hardware or misalignment. It is better to inspect the garage door, cables, hinges, springs, and pulleys every month or so. If you identify the problem, have it fixed immediately.

Test the Automatic Reversal System

Modern electric garage doors have automatic reversing mechanisms consisting of an open motor and infrared sensors. There are two ways to test the automatic reversal system. The first one is to place a solid object in the path of the garage door, if it fails to open after a couple of seconds, the opener motor needs to be repaired.

Secondly, close the garage door and place a big object in front of the sensor. If there is nothing wrong with the infrared sensor, the door should instantly begin to re-open.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Often, lack of lubrication is to blame for the screeching sound the door makes. First off, tighten all the loose nuts and bolts and lubricate the moving parts of the garage door to improve its functionality. It is a key part of the garage door maintenance routine to keep it working smoothly.

Use white lithium grease or a household oil to lubricate tracks, rollers, hinges, springs, and cables.

Hire a Professional For Annual Inspection

Even if you have sufficient knowledge, it is possible that you can not identify and fix every garage door repair. Your attempt to DIY everything may make the situation worse and lead to a costly repair. Hire a professional to inspect the garage door once a year to identify any potential problems and solutions.

Do Not Delay Repairs

The biggest mistake you will make is to not address repairs early on. A minor problem may snowball into something bigger and affect other components of the garage door. Upon identifying the problem, call the garage door repair in san diego company for repairs.

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