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Benefits Of Tinting Your House Windows

Tinting the House windows of your house is one of the smartest things you can do if you want to reduce your energy costs and make your home safer. Many people associate tinted windows with a car or perhaps an office building, but more and more homeowners are using tinted windows to make their homes more comfortable and private.

If you are interested in residential window tinting, consider these benefits.

Tinted Windows Mean Steadier Temperatures

Many parts of the United States are experiencing hot summer heat waves as energy prices continue to rise. As a result, people are looking for ways to keep their homes cooler without seeing their electric bills skyrocket.  

Windows can let in a lot of solar heat when they are in direct sunlight. This is great in the winter when you want to sit by a sunny window, but in the summer, it can increase the temperature in your entire home to a stifling degree.

A standard glass window acts like a magnifying glass and lets 90% of the sun’s heat in. Even a newer, low-e window will let in 70% of the sun’s heat. Tinted windows can block up to three-quarters of that heat, so getting your windows tinted is a good decision if you are tired of the heat transfer. Even if you use window coverings, untinted windows still transfer a lot of heat into your home.

Once you get your windows tinted, the temperatures in your home will be easier to maintain. In addition, they will stay steadier throughout the day.

Reduced Energy Consumption from Tinted Windows

The number one reason that most people consider getting their windows tinted is to offset the costs of their electric bills. Unfortunately, as energy prices around the country continue to rise, people are paying shockingly high electric bills.

It doesn’t help that temperatures are soaring, but when your windows are tinted, your energy bills will go down because your AC unit won’t have to work as hard. Reducing the amount of energy you use has the added benefit of being an environmentally friendly thing to do. That’s something you can feel good about.

If lower electric bills don’t convince you to contact professionals to get residential window tinting in Keller, TX, then keep reading because there are even more benefits.

Tinted Windows Offer Families Privacy and Security 

There are many ways to make your home safer for your family and to protect your belongings from robbers and burglars, and tinted windows are one of the best.

During the day, many people like to keep their curtains open to let in some light, but this can put you at risk. With tinted windows, you can enjoy daytime privacy even if your blinds are up. In addition, studies show that theft and robberies are usually crimes of opportunity, and by making it so that criminals can’t see what is inside your home to steal, you remove the “opportunity” part of that equation.

The privacy that tinted windows afford your family will also give you more peace of mind. To a lesser extent than burglaries, assault and battery crimes are also crimes of opportunity.

Tinted Windows Prevent Glare and UV Rays

If you have ever been comfortably seated, then had to move because a ray of sunlight hit your laptop screen just right, you will know what this means. Tinted windows give you all of the benefits of a window, including the views and the natural light, without any problematic issues such as glare.

Glare from windows can be more than annoying. It can cause eye strain and even lead to migraines. Sun glare can even cause damage to your retinas.

Tinted windows can protect you from UV radiation, too. UV rays can cause skin cancer, and advanced aging, and even damage your immune system.

Tinted Windows Protect Your Furniture From the Sun

The sun’s rays are harsh on your furniture and belongings, too. Some materials, like leather, are more subject to the harm of UV rays, but all fabrics will eventually fade and deteriorate in the sun.

While you want natural light in your living areas, you don’t want its harmful effects, making window tinting so perfect. Window tinting films can block out 99% of the harmful UV rays and keep your furniture looking good longer.

Window Tinting Looks Great, Too

Most people like the look of tinted windows and find them aesthetically appealing. Both from the inside of the house and the exterior, tinted windows just have a classy look that many people admire.

Some people worry that tinted windows will make their rooms too dark. If you aren’t sure whether or not you will like how your room looks after the windows are tinted, check out this online residential window film simulator from 3M. 

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