Privacy Policy

My home complex keeps your identity and personal information protected and safe from any harm. Your privacy is our first priority.

Important things to know:

As our website is to provide the users with ideas related to Home Decor, Home Improvement, and Construction. We take some information from you so you can get the most accurate information without any error. You mostly give your info when you leave a comment when you fill out any form or subscribe to the newsletter. But we try our best to keep this information safe. We don’t share it with any third person. Only our staff members can access this information.


Cookies can be employed only if you agree on the conditions. And if you don’t want to accept them you can simply disable them without affecting your browsing.

Third parties:

We advertise products of the third parties so it is your responsibility to carefully read and examine the conditions and policies given by them when you are buying anything from them. They can access your information. So choose wisely because it’s a matter of your privacy.

Recent updates on privacy policies:

As the policies keep changing over time globally and we update them according to that. So keep checking the privacy policies to get the most updated information.

Information that we gather:

We gather information from you either through third parties or some other medium. These dates include the number, email, contact, and name. The IP address is also collected. The data that we collect from you get used for some useful purposes like email is used to give you the latest updates of our site.

Contact Us: 

If you have any queries or need more information about our privacy policy, Feel free to contact us at

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