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New Modern POP Plus Minus Design Ideas

New Modern POP Plus Minus Design: A few years back POP was only used in outdoor places like shops, offices, and other commercial areas. But as time passes and different kinds of designs come into the market people are using them to decorate their homes.

You can choose any design for your wall ceiling. In modern houses, most people used these POP designs as they got a lot of variety now. In this article, we will see different new and modern plus minus pop designs. So let’s have a look at them:

New Modern POP Plus Minus Design Ideas 2022

Circle cut POP design:

Plus Minus POP design ideas for ceilings and walls | Housing News Plus  Minus POP design ideas for ceilings and walls

Picture from Pinterest.com

These kinds of designs are the simplest and most elegant ones. You can use such designs in giant drawing rooms. It is a circle cut from the ceiling while leaving the whole roof plain. This gives a very dashing look to your room. This design demands very light color combinations such as white, skin, or peach.

Murals on the Corner:

Rundale Palace Latvia | Victorian decor, Chic decor, Shabby chic decor

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If you wish to give your home or room a royal luxury look then you can add murals on each corner of your ceiling. The corner will be decorated with murals while the roof ceiling will be followed by straight lines.  You might have seen these types of ceilings in palaces either in real life or in the movies. It gives a very ravishing look to your room. It is luxury and the most modern plus min design used in today’s world.

Rectangular POP design:

Living Room Interior False Ceiling Designing, Squarefeet Projects | ID:  21576631162

  Picture from www.indiamart.com

This design is best for small rooms. When the rectangle with pop is drawn on the border of your room it makes your room look bigger. And if you make the wooden floor with this ceiling design it will make your room more stunning.

Tray POP design:

50 tray ceiling designs

Picture from ceiling-designs.blogspot.com

This is the best design for giant rooms or halls. This sets well in big living rooms. When tray ceiling is made in your room and if you will put a lavish flare in the center of it this will add more charm into your room or hallway setting. It makes your home more splendor.

Fireplace design:

7 Fireplace Design Ideas in 2019

Picture from torontoguardian.com

The rooms which have fireplace walls catch the attention of every person. To make this wall look even more ravishing make a unit design using pop. This will give a very breathtaking look. Your wall will look more fancy and chic.

Living room fish scale pop design:

Blue And White Interiors: Living Rooms, Kitchens, Bedrooms And More | False  ceiling living room, Ceiling design, Minimalist living room

Picture from Pinterest.com

This is a very unique design. When you decide on going for this design you must be very careful. The smell of fishy scale can be disgusting but its pattern is a whole damn vibe. This pop design can leave your guests in an astonishing state. If we talk about the colors selection it needs a lot of care. Try to keep the wall white. If you color the whole thing it can mess up the whole design.

Modern Swirl Design:

Modern Swirl LED Ceiling Light – Warmly

Picture from warmlydecor.com

Swirl make the modern ceiling Squandering. This adds unexplainable beauty to your room. The best color for this is white and off-white. To give a more lively and vigorous look colorful lighting is another option that you can choose.

Layout pop design:

Living Room Gypsum Ceiling Design Ideas With Lighting Ideas Dbea By Ceiling  Ideas Living Room | False ceiling design, Simple ceiling design, House  ceiling design

Picture from Pinterest.com

Decorating the already decorated room makes your room look worst. It will give a very over and extra look to your room. So it’s better to avoid overstuffing your room ceiling if it’s already decorated well. If you choose a very simple layout ceiling design it will maintain the balance of your room decoration.

Floral pastel pop design:

25 Latest & Best POP Ceiling Designs With Pictures In 2022

Picture from stylesatlife.com

This is no doubt the best plus minus pop design. The floral designs that are made with pop are mostly seen in modern houses. It gives a very luxurious and royal look to your room. The pastel colors used in the ceiling make it even more modern.


Guitar on bedroom ceiling:

Commercial Remodeling: Unexpected Flair in the Workplace | Trim-Tex |  Drywall Products | False ceiling design, New ceiling design, Ceiling design  bedroom

Picture from Pinterest.com

This new modern pop plus minus design is especially for music lovers. The persons who are dying heart fans of music, the pop designs gave them a chance to decorate their room ceiling in guitar shape. And in the center of it, they can either put a fan or any chandelier. This will give a very modern and unique look to their room.

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Final verdict:

In this article, we talked about “New Modern POP Plus Minus Design Ideas”. These designs can make your homes look more modern and luxurious. Hope this information will benefit you.

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