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Best Blinds That Can Protect Your Home from Insects

Mosquitoes and insects are not referred to as pests without reason. They are not only major irritants in our lives but also carriers of illnesses and diseases, some of which can be serious. We especially want our children protected from them and their vicious stings.

We all want to keep as far away from them as possible and are always looking for a solution that best works against their entry into our homes and lives. Different sprays, oils, incense sticks, and repellents work but are not consistent; their effects are not long-lasting, and we, especially children, often forget to use them. Adding to this is that most of these measures are not environmentally friendly.

What is a solution that is a more comprehensively effective home improvement solution without harming the environment?

Blinds and fly screens are the solutions you are looking for to protect your home from insects without harming the environment, blocking natural light and air, and keeping chemical mosquito repellents to a minimum. There are a variety of blinds and screens available for you to choose from for your homes and offices.

The priority is the main doors, basement or garage doors, and the doors leading to outdoor areas like the patio and roof, which you need to fortify against insects and bugs.

  1. Honeycomb blindsAlso known as cellular blinds or shades, these blinds have been inspired by the honeycomb bees’ nest and provide protection against insects and block excessive sunlight, maintaining the cool ambience inside. The best place to install them is the wide-open doorways.
  2. Custom Solar Shades: These shades are made from polyester/fibreglass or other synthetic materials from which insects like to stay away.
  3. Roller blinds are made of polyester and a mix of insect-repellent materials like cellulose, polyester, and polypropylene. It is available in many colours and textures to match your interiors. The materials are made of sturdy quality, keeping in mind the harsh Australian sunlight with damaging UV rays and insects, especially in the western parts of Australia.
  4. Outdoor blinds: Straight drop-down awnings are perfect for outdoor coverage, protecting your windows, patios, and decks from insects and sunlight. Versatile blinds are available in varied fabrics and styles to fit your requirements. The styles include:
  • Cord and Reel
  • Gearbox Operated
  • Wire Guide
  • Channel Guide Multi-stop

Note: Vertiscreen has been specially designed keeping Australian conditions in mind, so it is good protection against insects and can be installed outdoors and indoors.

Use of Security Screens

Screens or mesh coverings are the best solutions for installing doors leading to the outdoor area to protect against insects and bugs. You can also add a flyscreen door outside your house by adding an aluminium or wooden frame on the threshold. The flyscreen door keeps your home secure while keeping the pesky flies and insects away without blocking natural light and cross ventilation. You can keep the entrance door open with the screen door protecting you. Security screens are an excellent way to protect your home from human and insect intruders. One of the most cost-effective safety measures for your home, it is available in multiple options.

  • Vista Doors are made from steel and installed with a pop-riveted system. They keep the insects out without blocking the fresh summer breeze.
  • Colonial Casting Doors are patterned security doors with traditional style and design. They are available in different kinds of mesh:
  • Pet Mesh allows freedom of movement for your pets while stopping insects from entering.
  • DVA mesh is a unique mesh usually with a one-way aluminium mesh with powder coated finish in varied colours
  • Stainless steel mesh ensures extra fortified security and invisibility.
  • Diamond Grille is made of special tempered aluminium framing, and the screen or grille is available in a diamond design or a design pattern. This grille requires minimal maintenance and can also be powder coated in the colour of your choice.

The summer and rainy seasons are the most preferred seasons by mosquitoes and are also the seasons when we enjoy the outdoors and the cool summer breeze. Blinds and screens serve a multi-purpose benefit by protecting against insects without blocking the breeze—allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds without worrying or being stung.

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