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Top Six Modern Single Floor House Design

House Design Single Floor: If you have a single-floor house you can find varieties of designs to decorate them. As there are no stairs in most of the single floor houses it makes your house look more convenient for your family. It saves your space.

You can choose any design of your choice. You can choose simple basic or modern designs. They come in all styles. You can find many plans for your single-floor homes and this is the best part about it. In this article, we will discuss designs for single-floor houses. Let’s see the details:

1100 square feet house design single floor:

One floor house design 1100 sq.feet | Kerala house design, Single floor  house design, Building plans house
Picture from pinterest.com

You can find many rooms such as 3 bedrooms, dining room, 3 bathrooms, kitchen, and a living room. Using contrast colors in basic elevation and stone cladding makes your sitting area stunning. These designs cover the area for your rooms. 

When you use subtle colors such as white or grey it gives a very rich and classy look to your house. If you add pillars in front of your house it also adds beauty to your house. Architecture styles give your homes a very unique look.

900 square feet house design single floor:

900 Square Feet 2 Bedroom Modern Beautiful Single Floor House and Plan -  Home Pictures
Picture from www.homepictures.in

The houses that build on 900 sq ft usually comprise of 3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms. The living rooms in these houses are made open so that they don’t cover many places and look bigger and more spacious. As these houses are single floored so they are managed with much care and every inch is used purposefully.

While managing the space the styles and beauty of houses don’t face any compromise. Their beauty is maintained even in small spaces. This modern single floor house design has a combined dining and living room, a kitchen, 3 bedrooms, and a sit-out. The bedrooms and living areas cover more space and they are large and wide. The interior is kept simple and unique.

Modest and sophisticated designs:

Plan 80897PM: Modest Split Level Prairie Style House Plan | Prairie style  houses, Split level house, House
Picture from pinterest.com

This is a low budget single floor house design. The modest look is achieved on a 950 sq ft area with subtle white and grey colors. These can be decorated using different materials as per your choice. The material can be wood, glass, and marble. These houses have many amazing characteristics that attract everyone and these are given below:

  • Descent structure
  • High porch designed with marble tiles
  • Pillars in porch in subtle colors
  • Parking spaces in front of your houses
  • Garden for fresh environment
  • Glass windows enclosed aluminum frames

Neutral colors home designs:

You might have seen that most of the modern houses are decorated with bold colors. But instead of different color combinations, you can keep it simple and elegant using neutral colors. You can keep roofs flat and use its top for this.

You can also add a mini garden around your house it will provide two purposes one is that it will give a very fresh look and second it will act as a barrier.

Yellow color house design single floor:

Exterior of a Single Storey Home with Yellow Wall and Dark Gray Roof Stock  Image - Image of outdoor, fence: 148792765
Picture from www.dreamstime.com

This house design for the single floor is very interesting. You can create a very cheerful look for your house using yellow colors with other soft colors. You can also maintain the natural touch on the walls and windows you can also place small plants which will give a very fresh look.

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Pastel color home designs:

The single floor houses that have a carport attached with a terrace can look more stylish and attractive with pastel colors. You can design the house’s front wall with natural stones. The pillars that unite the carport with the terrace can be painted with pastel colors keeping all other walls in light colors of grey or white. You can add only a few plants around these houses.

Final Verdict:

Decorating your single floor houses within a low budget is very important and easy and everyone wishes to do so. In this article, we have talked about modern single floor house designs. Hope you would like the details.

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