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Heat Pump Vs. Pellet Stoves: Which One Is Right For You

Considering all available options when changing your home’s heating system is a vital step. Replacing a heating system is not a process you can execute in the blink of an eye. This modification is expensive, so you must consider subsequent changes in the energy industry.

A tip is to indulge your local climate and energy advisor in your municipality for unbiased consultation on the best heating system for your locality. This expert understands the local circumstances that make a specific heating system a suitable option.

When going through diverse heating techniques, you must know the pros and cons to understand what you are buying. The market’s standard heating systems are heat pumps and pellet stoves. Here is a contrast between the two options and which one is right for you.

Difference Between Heat Pumps And Pellet Stoves

  • How Heat Pumps Vs. Pellet Stoves work

A heat pump is a device that heats a building by distributing thermal energy from outside through the refrigeration cycle. These pumps work in opposite directions to cool a room by eliminating and rejecting heat from the surroundings. In heating mode, the refrigerant is compressed to be hot and transfers thermal energy to a central heating unit.

On the contrary, pellet stoves are different from heat pumps. First, you must drop enough prills in the storage hopper, generally located on top of the stove. The electric drill transfers pellets from the hopper to the burning chamber. Sensors in the pellet stove monitor the fuel supply and automatically trigger the auger to place another piece in the sizzling section.

  • Maintenance Of Heat Pump Vs. Pellet Stoves

The maintenance cost of a heat pump varies depending on different factors. After every one or two months, you must replace or clean air filters. You must also keep the outdoor unit clean and free from grass, dirt, and other debris. You should dust the supply and return registers to keep the vents open and have good airflow.

The first step in maintaining the pellet stove is using high-quality pellets to avoid soot buildup and other unnecessary expenses. You should also check the dust and ash content to eliminate gum or failure to properly burn the pellets. During autumn, schedule an inspection with the local stove repair company for comprehensive maintenance.

  • Installation Costs Of Heat Pump Vs. Pellet Stoves

The installation costs of a heat pump vary based on various factors. The elements include capacity, type, efficiency rating, climate, and duct installation. The initial installation cost might range from $4000 to $7500, with an average of $5500.

On the other hand, the installation cost of pellet stoves ranges from $1700 to $3000 depending on the model, build quality, efficiency rating, and heat output potential.


Heat pumps and pellet stoves are both incredible options for anyone who wants an effective heating system in their home. They all have different pros and cons, but choosing the suitable one is entirely up to you. If you are unsure what system to install, consult the local energy advisor for professional assistance.

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