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Why Floor Drainage is Important in Laundry Room

Now that I am planning to build a laundry room at home, I think of the importance of floor drainage in the laundry room. On my frequent visits to the wash & fold delivery service Soho, I noticed floor drainages installed sparsely throughout the shop. 

How Does Floor Drainage Work?

You might have noticed that floor drainage is installed at a slopey part of the laundry room. This is purposely constructed to guide the water down toward the drain and reduce the risk of flooding. 

Laundry room floor drains are not connected to a sum pit as the water has chemicals from the laundry detergent. It should not be released to the land as it can harm the environment. Thus, the floor drainage must be directed to a septic tank or sewer line.

If you plan to have a laundry room in the basement, you should have installed it during the house construction. But, if you have planned to build it on the first or second story of your home, you can have floor drainage or not. Some opt not to have floor drainage as their local building code does not require it. However, a floor drain is essential in protecting your home and belongings. 

Floor Drainage Helps Protect Your Home

Some local buildings codes may not require homes to have a floor drain in their laundry room, it is only required for commercial use. That’s why you often see it at the laundry services around your neighborhood. But it is best to decide personally and install floor drainage in your laundry room. A floor drain near your washer prevents water leaks or overflow from running to other parts of the room.

Water leaks or overflow may damage your possessions or parts of your home. If your laundry room is located on the upper floor, the floor drainage protects the rooms below. It would be uncontrollable if your laundry room floods throughout the other parts of your home and causes widespread water damage to your flooring and the furniture, wall, and electronics.

Do not allow to have the chance that mold can form in your house. Molds are hazardous to human and pet health. 

It may be costly but this renovation is worth it.

Always Protect Your Home

Water leaks and overflow brings catastrophic damage to your home. Several homeowners do not believe in the importance of installing floor drainage in their laundry room. So, when their washer goes wrong, they have to deal with consequences and damages to their home. 

Moreover, if you are still planning to purchase a house with a laundry room, ensure its laundry space is equipped to deal with water leaks or overflow. But, if you do not have the budget to remodel your home for a laundry room or purchase a new house, it is best to have your laundry taken care of by a laundry pickup service. This is the best you can do at this moment while planning for your floor drainage.

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