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Here’s How You Can Select the Best Boundary Wall Designs

The boundary wall of your house is more than just a fence that will indicate the beginning and end of your property. A boundary wall should provide security and protect the privacy of the residents but it should also enhance the look of the house. People often have a lot of doubts when it comes to choosing the best boundary wall designs.  There are a lot of options available if you want to choose a good design right from stone to wood and those with a safety grill for the compound walls.

Here are a few of the factors to be considered while choosing a boundary wall design

  1. The boundary wall should be tough and strong enough in order to withstand extreme weather conditions.  So it is better to install aluminium fence panels rather than wooden fences.
  2. Remember that the boundary wall requires much more regular maintenance as compared to the interiors of your home. You have to get the wall painted after every few years to retain its look and regularly check for any wear and tear, water seepage, etc.
  3. Always hire experts to create the best boundary wall for you as even a small defect can affect the whole structure of the wall.
  4. Never compromise on security as the boundary wall may look very beautiful but it should first meet its very basic purpose of providing security to the residents of the house.
  5. Make sure that the boundary wall does not infringe on your neighbor’s or any public property. The boundary wall should be part of the approved house plan. The height, width, and placement of the wall should be according to municipal regulations.
  6. The boundary wall should not affect the flow or drainage of water from the neighbor’s property. Also, the boundary wall should not damage any plants, trees, or gardens on the neighboring property.
  7. Always consider the height of the wall as it is important for protecting the privacy of the residents. The height should not be very low and it should not be very high also. It is important to strike a balance between the style and functionality of the boundary wall.
  8. In a few areas, the municipality can have some rules regarding the height of the boundary wall. So don’t forget to consider this factor while deciding on the height of the wall.
  9. The gate of any house is extremely significant as it is from the gate only that anyone will enter the house. Decide on the design, kind, and size of the gate before you choose the exterior boundary wall design for a home. The height of the wall should be in accordance with the gate. The placement of the gate should determine the point from which the boundary wall will start and the point where it will end.
  10. The cost of building a boundary wall on your property will vary depending on the material used for the construction, its style, as well as its size.

How to construct a boundary wall for a property

  1. Height: The height of the boundary wall will determine the safety of the premises and how protected your house is from peeping toms. Select a boundary design, according to the level of privacy you wish to maintain.
  2. Area: The boundary wall has to be constructed after careful consideration of all the rules and regulations. It should not encroach on any public or private land.
  3. Look: The look and feel of the boundary wall should be in accordance with the overall design of the house.
  4. Construction: Always get professional help to get the job done in a fast and effective manner.

Types of boundary wall designs

  1. Stone, brick, and concrete boundary walls- It is the most common and preferred choice to build boundary walls in India. The boundary walls made of stone, brick, or concrete are solid, tough, and secure. They also have a long life and the ability to withstand all kinds of weather. There are many types of patterns and designs that can be created using these materials if you want to create a boundary wall with a unique design.
  2. Wooden boundary wall designs – Wooden fences made of planks and logs are quite popular all over the world. It is a very sophisticated and fancy design. There are a variety of advantages to choosing a wooden fence. It is quite easy to install as well as affordable as compared to other materials and looks great. A wooden fence is also a great environment-friendly option.  You can choose from a variety of designs and a lot of options that are available in the market if you want to go in for a wooden boundary wall. However, wood is not a very durable material and this kind of fencing may not last very long, especially under extreme weather conditions.
  3. Metal wall design – Another popular wall design that is ideal for Indian homes. This is because it offers safety and security, can be used in any weather conditions, and is very cost-effective. There are innumerable designs to choose from when it comes to selecting a metal design for your boundary wall. It remains good for many years and repainting once every few years will be good enough to maintain it. Moreover, there is no dearth of designs, if you are selecting metal to build a compound wall.
  4. A safety grill for compound wall– A compound wall should also incorporate grills because it is an added security measure. A boundary wall design with a grill not only ensures safety but enhances the aesthetics of the overall look of the house.

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The boundary wall will surround a fixed property. Selecting a good boundary wall design is quite a complex procedure. The security of your house will depend on the strength of the wall; therefore, it is advisable to leave the task to the experts in this area.

From determining the height and the width of the wall, choosing the best material from the point of aesthetics as well as budget, and the approval of the plans, an expert will be able to help you with all these tasks. The expert will simplify the process of building a boundary wall.


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