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Best Ideas for Home Terrace Garden and Complete Guide

Gardens and lawns are very refreshing and exciting places in a house. Back in the day, people were given space for their lawns at the entrance of their houses but now this trend has changed and a new urban trend has taken place. Instead of lawns, people are decorating their terraces and balconies. This idea is best for those whose houses don’t have much space for lawns. You can create your terrace garden according to its size. It will give an aesthetic look and you can also grow vegetables and fruits. In this article, we will talk about different ideas for decorating your home garden.

Home Terrace Garden Ideas:

terrace garden ideas

This is an easy task, but you must be careful with many things before setting a garden on your terrace. I will explain everything stepwise. So read the article carefully.

1- Prep your terrace or balcony

The very important thing before making a garden on your balconies is its drainage system. You know that plants require a lot of water and for this purpose, the roof should be waterproof. If your drainage system is nice the excess water will be drained in a few minutes. You should install drainage cells before preparing the ground with soil.

2- Correct layout

As you don’t have much space on your terrace, maintaining that space sharply can help you to make a pretty garden. It is advised to maintain your space for vertical gardening. The terrace garden should be decorated with climbers and trailers. You can also use baskets to hang them on the railings.

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3- Selection of plants:

Once all of your places are organized perfectly the next step is to select the plants that you want to capitalize. When you make the terrace garden for the first time try to use plants that are easy to maintain. There are some plants that don’t need much maintenance and are easy to grow such as chilies and coriander.

Once you get to know about how to maintain them you can then grow any plant but before that always keep the structure and space of your terrace in your mind.

4- Proper Care

It shouldn’t be like that you have grown your garden but stop caring for your plants and that area. Always take care of those plants and water them as per their need. Every plant requires different care and maintenance so do it according to it.

Maintenance of Home Terrace Garden:

If you are really fond of creating a home terrace garden then you also have to maintain it the right way. It requires some effort and I will teach you how you can maintain your garden.

        Right Choice of furniture

There are a lot of ways through which you can groom up your terrace. One of them is choosing the right furniture. Always choose trendy furniture that is not weather damaged. Go for the things that give your garden a cohesive look.

        Cool Ambiance

People always notice the ambiance of every place so your terrace garden should also have an impressive ambiance. Grow the plants that are visually pretty and have a soft scent.

        Fresh vegetables

When you plant with your own hands there will be no chemicals in your veggies and fruits. If you will maintain your garden in the best possible way you will never need to buy chemical veggies from the market.

        Use of visual elements

It’s your garden and you can style it with your own choice. You can install led lights and some wall ornaments and you will feel most alive when you will sit in this garden in the evening.

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Advantages and disadvantages of terrace garden:


        It will help to lower the temperature of your house as it refreshes the area.

        It can be a good insulator for your homes.

        It will keep you physically active.


        If you have a big space then it can be expensive to make and maintain the garden.

        It requires a lot of time and effort.

        If your roof isn’t waterproof it can damage your walls and roof.

Closing remarks:

The terrace garden is very interesting and refreshing and gives your house a very impressive and aesthetic look. You can make them if you are good at maintaining things. In this article, we have shared all details. I hope you like it.

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