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5 Beautiful Interior Paint To Consider For Your Bathroom Remodel

There are many interior paints available in the market, so picking the best for your interiors can be daunting. Aside from that, we have to consider that not all paints are suitable for every part of your home. 

When searching for paints, you shouldn’t only be particular about the color but also the type. So, if you are considering bathroom remodeling, don’t jump on just any paint for your bathroom interior. Here are beautiful interior paints you can consider for your planned remodeling:

Bathroom Remodel

  • Latex Paint

If you have to choose between oil paint and latex paint for your bathroom, you should go for latex paints. Oil paints are not so bad because they are durable and can withstand scrubbing, but they are not the best in other aspects. Besides, they are harder to clean up as they require using minerals. This also induces the release of volatile organic compounds. Water-based latex paints, however, give you much more durability. You may check out Benjamin Moore Bath & Spa paints that are best for areas with high humidity like the bathroom. Latex paints are easy to wash and resistant to moisture. They also stay fresh over the years, unlike oil paints that turn yellowish with prolonged use and low-light conditions. Thus, water-based latex paints are a perfect choice for your bathroom.

  • Gloss Paint Finish 

The essence of an interior paint finish isn’t only for aesthetics but more for durability, especially in the bathroom. The air in a bathroom is usually moist, leaving a greater propensity for the growth of molds on the walls. So, if you decide to leave your bathroom without applying the finish, you’d be left with rich color but dim luster. You’d also have to deal with mold and other moisture problems. Therefore, it is best to go for a gloss or semi-gloss paint finish for your bathroom because the shiny look on your walls would be accentuated. The excess moisture in your bathroom is also controlled, so you don’t experience mold growth. Additionally, gloss paints have tightly packed molecules so they can withstand scrubbing. You have nothing to lose with a gloss paint finish.

  • Satin Or Semi-Gloss Paint

Most people usually don’t give much thought to the paints for their bathroom ceilings. All they want is a white splash of paint hanging over their head. That’s okay, but how about you go for the best choice? You can also consider satin or semi-gloss paint for your bathroom ceiling. Semi-gloss paints are best for a humid bathroom. They could also withstand the heat of a steamy shower as they are known to be durable. Satin paints would also work best for a bathroom with low moisture and humidity. The choice is yours on which of these options is the best fit for you based on the nature of the area you’ll paint.

  • Sticky Primer 

Several priming options would make your paints stick to the wall better. This is crucial as most bathrooms are moist, making them prone to mildew. Constant moisture would also seep into the paint molecules and start to fall off. This is where the job of sticky primers comes in. They help hold paints to your bathroom wall and prevent them from peeling off. In addition, some bathroom primers come with mildewcide properties to help protect your bathroom from mold and mildew growth. Moreover, while you can get sticky primers separately, some bathroom paints offer self-priming features. So, ensure to get sticky primers or self-priming paints for your bathroom paints when remodeling your bathroom.

  • Neutral-Colored Paints

You may wonder what color you should use for your bathroom. Some people even ask if a bathroom should be painted at all. However, most people still love to see colors in their bathroom like their bedroom walls, which can be mostly based on your preferences. Soft color shades to accentuate the relaxation that your bathroom brings are recommended. These include blue, seafoam green, and similar colors. You could also consider neutral shades like black, deep brown, or cream. With these colors, your bathroom can become the perfect place to relax and de-stress after a long day. 


Bathroom remodeling will not be complete without painting. However, painting the bathroom requires special consideration and attention due to the high humidity level in the air. Latex paints are ideal for your walls, with gloss or semi-gloss finishes. For your bathroom ceilings, you could go for satin or semi-gloss paints. It’s also best to pick out paints that can prevent the growth of molds and withstand scrubbing. Furthermore, use neutral colors to set the tone of relaxation you want in your bathroom.

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