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Free Furniture Removal: 4 Ways to Donate Your Stuff

Are you about to move and the moving cost is higher than what you expected? Try donating some of your stuff to bring down the moving cost a little. Fortunately, there are now a million ways to donate furniture without making much effort or spending money. Would you like to know how this is possible? I’m pretty sure you would. 

As stated above, there are a lot of ways to donate furniture and stuff. I would not go into details about every option you have as it would only create confusion. Therefore, here are the 4 most promising ways of donating your furniture and stuff for free without a hassle.

The organizations where you can donate the furniture 

Even if you’ve never donated furniture ever in your life, you might still know that some organizations pick up donations and distribute them to the needy. You would have to donate your furniture to those organizations. The 4 organization that takes the most responsibility on their shoulder are 

  • The Salvation Army 
  • AMVETS National Service Foundation
  • Goodwill 
  • Pickup Please 

The Salvation Army 

The Salvation Army is a pretty reliable option when it comes to donating furniture and stuff for free. It has been operating since 1865 and has never been a disappointment to a single human ever since. Therefore, you can hand over the job to The Salvation Army without a doubt. The Salvation Army would pick your items and donate them to domestic violence, natural disaster victims, and the elderly who truly deserve the help. However, keep in mind that it only accepts and distributes furniture, mattresses, clothes, electronic items, books, used cars, and appliances.

AMVETS National Service Foundation 

AMVETS National Service Foundation can also be a great help in donating furniture free without any hassle. Like The Salvation Army, AMVETS National Service Foundation has also been serving tirelessly for decades. Therefore, you can put your trust in it. However, they work differently, the donations are used in supporting charitable efforts such as training and outreach programs. You can donate furniture, bedding, cycles, TV, computer, and clothes to this organization with ease.


Goodwill, without a doubt, is a well-known organization that provides more or less the same free furniture removal services as the above-mentioned organizations. Therefore, it can also help you in donating the furniture for a good cause for free. With Goodwill’s assistance, you would be able to donate furniture, electronics, houseware, art, and books to people with disabilities, the elderly, and people who have just gotten out of prison.

Pickup Please 

Pickup Please is not as famous and old as the mentioned organizations. However, it is providing quality services. The said organization usually picks up the donations and distributes them to unhoused or disabled veterans.

What would you have to do to donate the furniture?

You don’t have to do much to donate your furniture. All you have to do is call the organization, discuss your intentions, and have to be available at the time of the pickup. The rest of the job would be performed by the organization.

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