Which Roofing System Is Best For Your Home?

Roofs are vital components of every home. Typically, they protect homes against elements, such as rain, wind, hail, and debris. They also keep the home interior guarded against extreme heat that may affect the homeowners. If your roof is in excellent shape, it can help maintain your house’s structural integrity.  

Suppose you’re planning to build your home anytime soon. In that case, you may consider knowing the different roofing systems to choose from. If you’re in Northern Virginia, you may call the top-notch Northern Virginia roofers to install your selected roofing system. But before that, you may need to read this article to know the roofing systems and choose which suits your needs and preferences. So, read on! 

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  • Asphalt Roof Shingles  

Asphalt roofing materials are made of asphalt, mineral granules, and fiberglass pressed together. In many cases, roofers install asphalt roof shingles on roof platforms with 4 in 12 slopes. Generally, they have rectangular shapes and three tabs. Most asphalt roof installation uses a layer of underlayment to cover the roof deck before installing the shingles.

Asphalt roofing materials are known to be the cheapest of all roofing systems. Apart from this, they’re also easy to install and fit most roofing platforms. If properly maintained, asphalt roof shingles can last up to 30 years. Yet, if you need to fix these products because of roof leaks, removing them is as easy as installing them. Also, you can hire Commercial Roofing Contractors that can help to get the best roofing work for your home.

  • Clay Tile

Clay tiles are made from baked clay products. The clay tile’s durability usually depends on the length of the heating time and the prevalent heating temperature. Clay roofing tiles generally come in shades of orange, yellow, brown, and white. Some clay tiles are fragile, but thoroughly-baked tiles can be less brittle.  

In many cases, clay tiles require low maintenance, making them less expensive in the long run. Clay tile roofing is also known for its longevity since the clay doesn’t rot. This type is also known for weather resistance and insulation. What’s more, they’re known to enhance a property’s aesthetic appeal.  

  • Metal Roofing

Today’s metal roofing systems are typically from prefab long metal strips. Most of these sheets are formed in special forming machines. Because of this, metal roofing materials are less customizable. Metal roofing systems are also known for their fire resistance and durability.  

For the best metal roofing installation, you may think about hiring a roofing contractor with a background in metalwork. This way, you can hire a worker with skills appropriate for your roofing needs, making the installation quicker and better.  

  • Slate  

Many homeowners prefer slate roofing materials because of their aesthetic qualities, such as color variations. However, this roofing system can be expensive because only highly trained teachers can install them properly, thus adding to the expenses. Most slate products are widely available, so their availability is high.  

Loading and unloading slate materials to transport into a new location may also add expenses as transporting heavyweight goods can be costly. However, slate roofing materials can resist fire and other elements. And since they’re heavy, strong winds may not be able to detach or remove the tiles.  

  • Rubber Membrane  

In most cases, rubber membrane materials come from ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EDPM). Typically, rubber membrane materials come in rolls and sheets, making them appropriate for flat surfaces.  

Some homeowners choose rubber machines because of their waterproofing qualities, energy efficiency, and durability. This product will be less likely to crack during weather extremes because of its hard-wearing materials. So if you live in areas where extreme weather conditions occur often, this roofing system should be ideal for you.

  • Composite And Rubber

Although this roofing looks like asphalt and slate, composite and rubber combination are made of recycled materials, such as used tires. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, this one is for you. In addition, composite and rubber roofing materials have low installation costs.   

Composite and rubber roofing materials are durable enough that some of them can reach 50 years of longevity. In addition, composite and rubber roofing installation could provide better home insulation. If you think this is for you, go and use it for your roof.

  • Stone-Coated Steel

Steel is hard enough, while stones are also durable. Combining the qualities of the two could create the perfect roofing system for homeowners who desire energy efficiency, durability, and longevity. Typically, this roofing can withstand heavy winds and severe rain conditions.

However, most stone-coated steel materials are generally expensive. On the other hand, these products may produce more noise than other materials, which may not appeal to you. Because of this, you may seek the services of a reliable roofing contractor for a better installation.  

Wrapping Up  

Roofing could be one of the many considerations when building a home. You still have to think about the walls, columns, and beams. Because of this, you may need the best roofing system if you’re looking for the durable and appropriate material for your roofing needs.  

Furthermore, you may read this article to find what suits your needs and preferences. You may also ask seasoned roofing contractors about the little-known advantages of these roofing materials for more ideas.

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