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Latest Royal Texture Paint Designs For Hall

Decorating your house is everyone’s dream and first priority. When it comes to interior decoration people go for a lot of wonderful ideas. Among all of them, Royal Texture Paint Designs For Hall is people’s favorite option.

The textured paint makes your walls very attractive and tempting.it is mostly used to put emphasis on some portion instead of the entire wall. A lot of techniques performed by professionals are required to achieve the perfect textured wall. In this article, we will talk about Latest Royal Texture Paint Designs, so let’s start the article.

Royal Texture Paint Designs For Hall:

Asian Paints Royale Play Ripple texture By ColourDrive | Design Ideas, Textures Ideas & Inspiration for Home and Office Painting

Source: colourdrive.in

1- Criss-Cross Effects:

The unbridled creativity of these designs would add more appealing beauty to your home. This Royal Texture Paint Designs For Hall is a wonderful work of art. If you have small kids then it is a perfect design because it will give a very cool vibe. color selection depends on you. You can go for any color you want.

2- Special Effects Canvas:

Royale Play Texture Gallery

Source: in.pinterest.com

You might have seen paintings where different colors are sprinkled on the canvas. This wall design is the same as that canvas. Multiple trembling colors are sprinkled on any wall whether it is your bedroom or living room to make it a piece of art. This will portray an artistic look and is very refreshing. Different colors are thrown to make a hue of the rainbow. Always be careful in the selection of colors.

3- Ragging Effect Royal Texture Paint Designs For Hall:

The Royal Texture Paint Designs For Hall is everyone’s favorite design. And the ragging effect is one of them. So basically in this design, soft cloth is draped all over your wall. This is done to give your room an old elegant design. It will look highly aesthetic. It is classic yet modern. It is a bit expensive. But paying a little more money you can get an appealing wall that will be liked by everyone.

4- Metallic Dapple:

These are royal texture paint designs for bedroom. Yes, this dapple effect is classy for your bedrooms. You can customize it as per your personality. There are a lot of people who want to give their walls a unique and simple look. This option is surely for those people. This design will give you plenty of creative ideas.

5- Metallic Brushing Royal Texture Paint Designs For Hall:

Brushing TXT1007CMB1032 - Wall Texture Design - Asian Paints

Source: asianpaints.com

These royal texture paint designs for the hall require a lot of preparation and tools. In this design, all you have to do is take a brush and show your imagination on the wall and draw a fascinating journey. This design will appear as a matchless yet luxurious image of art.

This can be done by yourself if you have high creative skills and experience, or you should hire a professional local interior designer to turn your room into an elegant piece of art. When you will put luxury furniture in this room this will make your room outclass.

6- Infinitex Hive:

This royal texture paint design for bedroom is a very interesting and unique design. This is a design that looks like a honeycomb. This design depicts the beauty of nature. This one is especially for nature lovers.

7- Sponging Effect:

Asian Paints Special Effects Sponging

Source: freshhomez.com

This is a very important type of texture paint. When a sponge is used for painting it gives more depth to the texture and makes it peculiar. It is used when the wall has a strong base and the colors will decide the vibe of your wall. Synthetic sponges give more fascinating results.

Cost of Texture Painting:

This totally depends on the type of paint that you use. Every paint differs in quality and pricing. The types and prices of paints are mentioned below:

  Distemper paint prices begin from 8rs per square foot.

  Emulsion paint prices begin from 12rs per square foot.

  Texture paint prices begin from 80rs per square foot.


In this article, we have talked about royal texture paint designs for hall. There are a number of varieties that you can select to make your house more beautiful.

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