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Direct Mail Marketing: Is It Still Effective For Real Estate Agents?

Direct mail marketing refers to the physical correspondence you send to your customers as a part of your marketing campaigns. It enables you to increase the chances of having prospects patronize your products and services. It’s a traditional marketing style that stands out in a sea of digital marketing campaigns.

Since it’s merely a traditional form of marketing, many industries may think direct mail marketing is no longer effective. Usually, the scales tilt in favor of digital marketing. But the question remains as to whether or not direct mail marketing is worth giving a try.  

So, to set the record straight, yes, direct mail marketing is still effective for real estate agents even to this day. How nice would it be to receive a positive response, ‘I have a buyer for your home letters’, all because you ventured into direct mail marketing. There are many reasons to back up this notion, and some of those points are enumerated below.  

Direct Mail Is Memorable

Even with the popularity of email, direct mail still reigns supreme in thoughtfulness. There’s nothing more memorable than getting that surprise in one’s P.O. box and holding physical mail. Yes, it may be for a real estate ad. But, it’s still special nonetheless, given how nowadays not many individuals think of sending mail by post.

And who knows, that person you’re trying to reach may be on the lookout for a home after trying situations in their lives. It may brighten their day to see that their box isn’t empty. And, you’re able to grab their attention by being the sole realtor to send them a message through direct mail.

Direct Mail Has Higher Memory Recall

In a sea of digital information, it can be hard to remember almost anything you see and read on platforms. There’s an overwhelming number of ads on the Internet, sent through the mail and social media sites. The coming in of so much information may confuse the readers, making the memory recall ability low.

With direct mail, however, this isn’t the case. According to a study from TrueImpact, individuals tend to have a higher memory recall when they’re reading physical information rather than digital information. While email advertisements are convenient and continue to be a highly used marketing channel, the benefits of having direct and physical mail still win over digital forms.  

Direct Mail Has Great Response Rates

The response coming from direct mail has always been consistently higher than other modes of marketing. It goes back to the fact of how direct mail gives tangible information. Since digital data may not be easily grasped and remembered by the readers, it receives lower responses than direct mail.

Moreover, the response rate is higher simply because there’s a greater likelihood that the individual receiving the mail will be able to read through and go through the mail immediately. Another factor that may contribute to its high response rate is that direct mail can be personalized.

When mail is personalized, it creates more value for the marketing campaign. The recipients may feel more inclined to give a positive response to what you’re sending. They may not be the ones looking for real property to invest in. But, if they have friends or family looking for the same, the power of word-of-mouth marketing kicks in. It means they can spread the word about the properties you’re offering, so those whom they know are interested can consider what you have up for grabs.

Direct Mail Offers More Ways To Get Creative

The real estate industry is getting more competitive, so there’s a need to keep up with the competition. One of the ways to do this is to be creative with your campaigns.

While digital marketing is effective, it can be challenging to produce creative ads. It can get so technical that there’s little room to be as creative as you can get with a physical ad.  

Moreover, if you want to have a mix of both, you can make your digital ads more creative by pairing them with direct mail. This strategy may not just position your campaigns a few steps ahead but also give you a higher reach with your real estate ads. It can help increase your brand awareness through the tactile nature of direct mail campaigns.  

Final Thoughts

If you’re considering giving direct marketing a try, you should now be more convinced that it’s a good idea to do so. More so for real estate agents, there’s still a lot of merit in this.

Even with the wide range of digital marketing platforms available today, there’s no turning a blind eye to the effectiveness of direct mail marketing. The points above should be enough to convince you of that point. Set those doubts aside, and make direct mail marketing now a part of your strategy from this year moving forward.

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