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How To Get Blinds For Large Windows

If you have large windows in your home, it can be hard to find some blinds for your home’s windows. Most pre-made blinds are designed for normal and smaller sized windows and lots of made to measure blinds companies have a size limit for how large they can make a blind, which means if you have a large window to shade, it can be a struggle to find a set for your window.

So, how can you find big blinds for your large windows? Well, we have spoken to experts in the blinds world and put together this helpful guide to help you find large blinds for your home’s large windows!

Start Off By Measuring Your Window

You should start off, by measuring your windows. Knowing what size blind you need will make the process a lot easier as you can search for retailers which can make blinds to the size you need, rather than dealing with a retailer before realizing they can’t service your needs.

Measuring your windows for XL blinds is a relatively easy task, all you need to do is measure the size of your window’s recess from top to bottom and side to side. It also helps to take these measurements from three separate locations on the window, as the recesses aren’t always straight and use the smallest measurements to ensure that your blinds won’t catch on the recess.

Find A Retailer That Can Make Your Blinds

Next up, you’ll have to find a retailer which specialises in large blinds to manufacture your blinds. The easy way to go about this is to Google “large blinds near me” and have a peruse of the suppliers Google brings up, checking your measurements against their maximum sizes. Although if you have spectacularly large windows, it may take a while to find a retailer that can service you.

If you can’t find a supplier that can make blinds big enough to shade your windows, then maybe consider using multiple smaller blinds in your window to shade it.

Choose A Type Of Blinds For Your Window

Now that you’ve found a supplier that can make blinds large enough to fit in your large window, it’s time to peruse what blinds they have on offer in your sizes. It may be the case that for certain large sizes, they have a limited selection of blind types, which will help narrow down your options and make a choice easier.

But, as a general rule, the blinds that can be made in XL size the easiest tend to be: roller blinds, vertical blinds, and roman blinds. That’s not to say you won’t find other blinds in large sizes, but these are the most common bind types available in large and extra-large sizes.

Once you’ve selected your blind type, you just need to pick a fabric for them to be made in. It’s recommended that you order a fabric sample before committing to purchase so that you can see the fabric in person to see how it looks up close and how the fabric feels. When you’ve settled on your fabric choice, simply order your XL blind with your chosen supplier.

Finally, Install Your New Blinds

After ordering your new XL blinds, you’ll need to wait for a few days while the supplier manufactures your new blinds to your size requirements, then after a few days of patiently waiting, your new window blinds should arrive.

Once you’ve arrived all that is left to do is to install your large blinds in your large window, different types of blinds and different suppliers will have instructions for you to follow to install your blinds. Luckily, most companies design their blinds to be very easy to install, but you may want a second pair of hands with you when you install the blinds as at large sizes, your blinds may be quite heavy and hard to install alone.

And there you have it, finding large blinds for your home’s bigger windows needn’t be a struggle and with this insider info and a bit of online savvy, you can no doubt find the perfect blind for your home’s big windows!

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