The Best Tally Counter Tool for Counting Anything and Everything

For counting anything and everything, nothing beats an online tally counter tool. These tools are extremely easy to use, so you can count how many people you meet, how many times you exercise per week, how many times your team loses or wins in a row, how many boxes of cereal are left on the shelf, and much more all with a clicker .

If you need to keep track of anything that can be counted with one click per item (a click equals one item counted), then read on to learn about some of the best tally counter tools available today.

Why use tally counters?

If you’re a fan of clicker counters or tally marks on paper, your options are limited to printing out a worksheet or hand-writing in lists. With this tool, you can literally count anything: from how many glasses of water you drink to how many pushups you can do. Since it’s online, it syncs across all devices automatically. Plus, if you add friends to track their progress alongside yours, it becomes a new kind of team builder!

How do I use them?

Clickers can be used to count anything that you can count with a clicker, including counting people in an audience, reps while exercising, or even inventory. The tool automatically counts up or down depending on which direction you click. Clickers are great because they’re portable and convenient—just click away whenever you want to record a number.

I want to try this out! Where can I find your online tool?

You can visit our website by clicking here. There’s also a link to it in our menu. And if you want to follow us on social media, we’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn! We post a lot of great stuff there about business tips, tricks of the trade, upcoming events that we’ll be attending or speaking at… so definitely check us out! And if you have any questions or comments about what we do or how we do it—or just want to say hi—we love hearing from people like you.

Why should I care about your free tools?

As you might know, it’s easy to count things if you have paper. But what do you do when you’re away from your desk or don’t have a pen? That’s where BigTally comes in. Our free tally counter tools are available in web-based and mobile app versions, so you can use them to count anything on any device. Our best free tool lets you get started with a clicker, counting yourself or anything else that moves.

Who are you guys anyways?

We’re a young startup that helps people count anything. We have something called an online tally counter which allows you to easily count up anything. Whether it’s how many months old your dog is, or whether you ate too much (burp) pizza, we can help you keep track of your accomplishments and progress! Click here to try out our free online tally counter tool.

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