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Best Housewarming Gifts for Plant Lovers

Housewarming gifts don’t always have to be generic or fulfill a formality. A housewarming gift can be personal and targeted to let the person know you care. Luckily, there is a housewarming gift that fits every scenario, including plant lovers.

You can get several gifts for a plant lover once they move into a new home, all of which would be excellent additions to the house. You are spoilt for choice from plants to accessories to help with plant growth and maintenance. Some of the best housewarming gifts you can get a plant lover to include:

Bromeliad Pineapple

You cannot go wrong with the bromeliad pineapple as a housewarming gift because, traditionally, that is what this plant has been known to symbolize. It also helps that the bromeliad pineapple is one of the fascinating plants that a plant lover can have.

There is an edible pineapple growing on this plant to cap it all off, which will also appeal to a food lover. Best of all, the bromeliad isn’t one of the plants that are common to most households, so there is a good chance that the person doesn’t already have one. Thankfully, the bromeliad pineapple is not too rare, so you won’t have to pull out all the stops to get one for a friend or family member.

Parlour palm

The parlor palm is seen as the perfect housewarming gift by most people for one reason; it can improve the aesthetic appeal of any room. If you are looking for a gift for a plant lover who is moving to an empty house, then the parlor palm is a perfect choice.

It will always remind you how thoughtful you are while improving the room it is placed in and the house overall. It goes without saying that you can’t go wrong with the parlor palm as a housewarming gift. Parlor palms are easily acquired and won’t require any special action on your part.

Grow Lights

It doesn’t have to be a plant you can buy for a plant lover as a housewarming gift, especially if you aren’t adept at buying plants. Plants need light, which isn’t always readily available in a house unless there are grow lights.

Led grow lights are the perfect housewarming gift for a plant lover, especially when they have a lot of plants in their home. You can rest assured that they will be put to great use in the house, much to the plant lover’s delight. Grow lights don’t require any expertise or previous familiarity when you want to buy one, making it easy to shop for.

Growth Mix

A growing mix will always be needed for plants, especially when the plants require special nutrients to grow, which is the case with a lot of special plants. Several special growth mixes are available for purchase, all of which offer numerous nutrients to plants.

Most plant lovers spend a fortune on growth mix and receive a growth mix as a housewarming gift. You can go the extra mile by buying multiple packets of growth mix, especially if it is one you can easily afford. If you know the plants that the person in question is growing, you can buy the growth mix that best suits their plants.

An e-gift card

An e-gift card is probably the best gift you can get for a plant lover as a housewarming gift. The e-gift card is perfect because it doesn’t require anything specific on your part or any thinking effort on your part. Instead, all thoughts and considerations are left to the plant lover.

The only activity on your end will be to determine the limits of the e-gift card. You will allow the plant lover to choose what they prefer instead of possibly buying something they may not appreciate. Everyone gains something in this system, especially as you won’t have to go through any physical stress.


Buying a housewarming gift for a plant lover will require that you get them something plant-based. To that end, you have the option of buying plants or plant accessories for the plant lover. To that end, we have offered some of the best gift options for a plant lover.

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