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Redefine Luxury When Building a House for Your Children

When you are a family man building a house, the kids are one of the most important considerations. Every addition needs to be kid-friendly, to ensure your kids can use it safely. The words luxury and children don’t usually mix, as children can be a bit destructive.

With luxury usually associated with expensive purchases, you may not want to spend too much when there is a possibility of kids’ activities in the vicinity. Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you can’t have luxury additions to your house. There are several kid-friendly luxury additions you can introduce to your home and make it more exciting for your kids. In some cases, you don’t even need a luxury addition, as something simple may suffice. Here are some additions you can make when building a custom house for your children:

Patterns And Colors

Painting is one of those things that isn’t too expensive but can have a major impact on a room or the entire house. By painting patterns or using intriguing colors, you can make the walls of the house luxurious. In the absence of paint, you can always opt for wallpaper, seeing as they already come with patterns.

In keeping with this trend, you can get customized wallpapers with your children’s favorite cartoons or characters. Not only will the rooms become more luxurious but you will also be turning the wall into a focal point in your house. If you aren’t comfortable with cartoons and cartoon characters, patterns are sure to be a viable option that is also readily available.

Create A Kids Zone

Giving the kids a special space that’s just theirs will help redefine luxury and will probably not cost you anything. In the kid’s zone, you can set up play areas, a game area, and creative space for the kids to express themselves. The best thing about the kids’ zone is that it doesn’t have to contain anything major.

Your important items in the house will be safe from damage and you can accessorize the kid’s zone as much as you want. You will simply have to be wary and ensure that there is nothing of major value in the kid’s zone, and if there is, then you need to remove it. Seeing as kids love to draw, you can leave a wall devoid of wallpaper or special colored paint, allowing the kids a place to draw.

A Home Theatre

Depending on the kind of household you have, a movie night may be on the cards frequently. Take your viewing experience to the next level by installing a home theatre in the house. You can still go to the cinema once in a while, but a home theatre gives you a cinema feel in the comfort of your home. Create a tradition of movie nights with the entire family in the home theatre. It may not mean much to you but, the time spent in the home theatre can be luxurious to the kids. 

Ample Storage

If your kids have a lot of stuff, then storage can be tricky, giving rise to clutter. With clutter, not only does the kid’s space become untidy, but there is also a risk of potential health hazards.

You can get creative with storage to ensure there is enough storage space to store all your kids’ stuff. If there is still a need for added storage, you can always invest in an off-site storage option. By putting all your kids’ toys and items away properly, you create a safe and luxurious space for the kids. 

Installing some of the features you need to make your home a luxurious place for your children will require major construction. To ensure that any construction is done properly with minimal errors then you will need to have custom home builders handle the project. Custom home builders such as those in Sacramento can help you bring your ideal home filled with luxury for your children. 


Building a new home when you have kids prompts you to seek luxury for your children. Seeing as children can be somewhat destructive, luxury isn’t something you associate with building a house for your children. With a few additions, you can redefine luxury when building a house for your children. 

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