How to Remove a Lawn from a Yard?

Got grass covering your yard? Well, even if there is a little grass you should get rid of it as soon as possible. If the grass is ignored for a while, the job gets backbreaking after some time. Therefore, this is the best time to get rid of it.

Removing the lawn from the yard is not hard. You do not have to search and hire a professional for the project. It is breathtakingly easy, even a naive person can do it. Fortunately, no expensive special equipment is also needed.

Sounds convincing? Here’s how easily a lawn can be removed from a yard. Follow the below-mentioned step-by-step guide to get done;

Have all the needed tools

Removing the lawn from the yard is not a type of job that can be done with hands. It does not require any special skill but a few tools. To be able to perform the job efficiently, you need to at least have a sod cutter, garden trowel, and a flat-blade spade or narrow shovel. Once you have got all the needed items, bring them to the place of operation.

Slice the grass into small manageable sections

Now that you are all set for the job, it’s time to slice the grass into small manageable sections using a sod cutter or spade. While slicing the grass keep in mind that the size of the section should be 18″. The 18″ slices would be the easiest to manage.

Now that the slicing is done, place the spade or sod cutter on the intended cut point, tilt it forward away from your body until it gets vertical, push it down with the help of your foot, and get ready to take the next step.

Tilt it on its side

What you have just done is called vertical slicing. Once the grass is vertically sliced, place the blade in the cut, and tilt the grass away from you. Now take the trowel or knife to scrape off the excess soil at the bottom of the sod and prepare yourself for the final move.

Use a carrying device to tip the grass away

Most of us prefer using a rigid device such as sleds for the dirt removal or final move. It is easier to use therefore you should be using that as well. Tilt the sled to match the angle of the grass layer, and allow the sled and sod to tilt down flat to not let the sod layer break up and cause a mess. There your job is done.

If it’s getting harder to tip the grass away with the sled, the contractor’s bag can also be used. The contractor bag happens to be the easiest way to tip the grass away as well. To get done with the job, all you have to do is gently let the grass tilt down flat on the bag, and wave goodbye by sliding the grass to the transplant location.

Take a step back and admire

Now that the job is done, you have to take a few steps back and observe whether the lawn is removed perfectly or requires a finishing touch. If you have followed each step religiously, no finishing touch would be required.

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