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When It’s Time To Renovate, What Comes First?

Home renovate is an exciting journey if done systematically. 

The floors need a facelift. The kitchen, bathroom, living space, and bedrooms need a redo. You’ll have to tackle loads of revitalizations, purchases, and talks with various contractors. Questions will arise, you’ll have to make countless decisions, and probably rush to meet deadlines. Where do you begin? What comes first to ensure a successful renovation process?

Stick on to the article. We’ll touch on where to begin when doing a home renovation. 

Assess the House 

Start by assessing your house. Work with a licensed home inspector to help pinpoint every space and item that may need an update or a redo. The home inspector will inspect the roof, the basement, and your entire house. 

The inspector will check for leaks around your home, the air conditioning system, electrical panels, and wiring. He will then evaluate the results that will guide the renovation process. 

It could be that some parts of your home need remodeling instead of renovation. There could be a high chance your kitchen needs an overhaul kitchen remodeling session instead of a redo or a revamp. Besides, assessments prevent any surprises during and after the renovation process. 

A plan and a Budget 

You’ll need a comprehensive plan and budget for the house renovation project. Base your plan on the assessment results. It’s best to work with your renovation contractor as you lay down the plan and budget for the renovation.

Note down every item you want to upgrade, redo, or replace, the cost of the renovation materials, and labor. Decide on what you can DIY. Check the assessment report and mark any repairs or redos you can handle by yourself as DIY. Leave the rest to the contractor or the pros.

It is best that you work with only the best home renovation company in dubai. This will ensure that your home renovation project is getting completed on time. Additionally, it would also result in your hiring the best and most experienced design professionals to work on your house.

Research the costs you may incur and set a budget. It’s advisable to overstate your budget to give room for financial setbacks you may encounter during the renovation process. You’d rather have a surplus instead of running out of money while renovating your home.  

You may also need to set a timeline for your renovation project. A complete house renovation project may take three to six months. A realistic timeline will help create achievable expectations for the parties involved. 


You’ll need to decide on the style and design of the home if you plan on renovating your whole house. You’ll need to decide on the floor layout and color themes. You’ll have to map out how the spaces flow into each other. Let your imagination shine as you draft and map out the plan for each room. Consider working with an architect and interior designer if you don’t have the time to sit down and map out each space. Make space for an exercise room for you and your kids to have fun and workout on.

Get an Approval  

Some home renovation projects may need permits. Don’t begin the renovation process without the appropriate approvals. You may get hit by a stop-work order from the municipal office.  

If you plan on making any structural alterations to your home, you’ll need to get permits before commencing the project. Repairs or installation of new sidings also needs a permit. You’ll also need approval if you intend to rewire or re-plumb your home. Get permits before installing new windows, especially if you want to install big windows. 

Installation of a new heating and cooling system will also require approval from your local municipal office. 

So, go to your local municipal office with the inspection report and your design to get approvals. Remember, the municipal office will demand a final inspection once you complete your renovation project, 

Let the Renovation Begin

After you’ve set a plan, created a budget, laid out the layout of your house, and gotten the appropriate permits, get started. Go ahead and jump into the renovation process. Set the foundation, strip the walls, demolish, and work on upgrading the entire house.


Renovating a house is not as challenging as people presume. All you need is to assess what you’d want to renovate, set priorities, draft a plan, get a budget, and approval. You’ll also need to know where to begin to ensure everything runs smoothly. It may seem like too much as you start the renovation. Hold on. Don’t give up. You’ll enjoy the renovation results once it’s complete. 

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