How can I make my sofa better for my back (4 Best Ways)

The sofa is a must at your home. Everybody has a sofa in their houses. But there are many types of sofas available in the market and you have many choices to buy. But the main thing isn’t many choices for some people. It is not about the variety but what goes well for their back pain.

If you are suffering from back pain and have a soft sofa at your house which might be the reason for your back pain. I am here to make that sofa better for your back. If you are suffering from back pain for a long time then what you need is a sofa with back support. However, in this article, I am going to explain how you can make your sofa better for your back.

I am going to explain 4 simple tricks to make your sofa better for your spine and your back. So we recommend you to go through this whole article and I bet this is worth your time.

4 Ways To Make Your Sofa More Comfortable For Your Back.

I have made a list of 5 working ways to make your sofa more comfortable. Also, I have explained these 5 ways in detail to make a complete picture. These ideas are,

  1. Placing pillows.
  2. Throw a small footrest.
  3. Covers that slip on.
  4. The usefulness of wooden boards.

1. Placing pillows

A well-designed and comfortable throw pillow may be the answer if your standard throw pillow isn’t doing the job. You may be able to improve your posture and improve your comfort level on a sloppy couch with specially designed pillows. In order to relieve lower back pain, you might want to consider a narrow, but long back pillow.

If you simply wish to have greater back support in general, consider a bigger or denser cushion. Having cushions in your seats is also the perfect addition to your home-based working setup (especially when using tough chairs for the kitchen).

2. Throw a small footrest.

To get the perfect sitting position for your spine, you need is a footrest. Sofas usually don’t come with footrests. So what can you do is manually add a footrest. Cause why not? Footrests are important for comfort but also for healthy sitting. The big question is how can I manually add a footrest? Or if it is going to look odd?Low wooden sits can be used as a footrest. There are varieties of wooden sittings which can be used as a decoration. That is the reason why it can’t look odd. Just throw a low wooden sit before your sofa and use it as a footrest. I bet that’s a great idea.

3. Covers that slip on

You cannot know how the upholstery will feel when looking at your computer’s display, just as you cannot tell how the seat’s depth will feel. Fortunately, slipcovers can alleviate the problems associated with sticky, numb, or rough chairs. Be sure to choose a cover that is easy to clean and fits your furniture perfectly. Various companies specialize in custom covers for IKEA’s best-loved sofas, resulting in an overall clean feeling.

Furthermore, slipcovers can protect an item that looks nice on the internet but isn’t as nice in reality. Practicality and style go hand to hand with this furniture.

4. The usefulness of wooden boards.

For back pain, the most useful cure is to have a firm sofa. Cause firm sofas can give you a good sitting posture. You can sit in a perfect position and also you can’t sit too long which is good for your posture. But about having a soft sofa? If you have a soft sofa at your house then you can make it more healthy to sit on. How?

You can just use a thick wooden plank placed under the sofa sittings. It should be placed as if it is a part of the sofa. So the size of the wooden plank should be perfectly made.

What is the best sofa for back pain?

There are some qualities which make a sofa best for your back pain. A firm medium height sofa is best for back pain. People don’t usually like firm sofas to take place in their house cause they are not usually comfortable. However, considering your back pain firm mediocre heightened sofas are the best kind. Check for a whole list of the best sofas for back pain.

Why does my sofa make my back hurt?

The main reason for your sofa hurting your back can be your sitting position or prolonged sitting in the position. Or a soft sofa might be the reason which makes your back hurt. Sitting in the same position or sleeping on your sofa is bad for your spine and back. You should make sure that you are in a straight position when you are sitting on the sofa even if it is a soft sofa make sure to sit straight. And if it still hurts your back place a pillow behind your back for more comfort. Or you can just use a firm sofa to cure back pain.

How to sit on a sofa to prevent back pain?

Sitting position is the most important thing to keep your spine in a healthy position. Most of the time sitting positions are the common reason to hurt your back the most. It is best to choose a firm sofa to sit on it. But people don’t like a firm sofa cause it is not that much comfortable as a soft sofa.

What firm sofas do is keep you straight and also give you a healthy position to sit. The best way to prevent lower back pain is to place your feet flat on the ground and support your back with cushions.

A perfectly aligned body is one where your hips face forward and your head is aligned with your spine and shoulders. Sitting for too long can lead to lower back pain – it’s not enough to sit with good posture if you’re constantly in the same position. Get up and walk around from time to time to avoid lower back pain. By doing this, you will spend less time sitting and won’t end up in an uncomfortable position.

Can a low sofa cause back pain?

A low sofa can cause back pain or spine problems. If it is too small for your knee to face upwards then it is a bad sitting position. So make sure the size of the sofa before buying. Don’t buy a low or too high sofa or else you can simply have a bad sitting position which will cause you back pain.


Back pain is really problematic in your daily life. Sofa’s and sitting positions can be the most common reason to get back pains or spinal problems. So that is why I have conducted research to ease back pain and made a whole article about this topic to help you know what causes your back pain. Hopefully, after reading this article you will be more aware of sitting positions and what type of sofa is best for you to sit on. Stay tuned for more useful articles like these.

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