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The Low-Budget Way to Turn Your Home into a Smart Home

Converting your home into a smart home sounds expensive, but it’s not. With normal gadgets, it’s easier to feel more connected to your house. Brands like Philips Hue, Google, and Amazon are the leading names in smart home innovation. Along with smart home gadgets, these giants have introduced home automation gadgets as well. 

If you are a tech lover with a low budget, looking for ways to create a smart home, this is how you can do it with some helpful gadgets:

1: Wi-Fi

The foundation of any smart home is seamless Internet availability. Therefore, it’s a no-brainer that you will need high-speed Internet and Wi-Fi so that all devices in your home remain connected without wires.

Fast Internet is important for everything, not just a smart home. That’s why I have subscribed to Spectrum package deals for blazing fast speed with unlimited data.

2: Smart Doorbells

Who likes to walk all the way to the front door to see who is at the door, right? An inexpensive way to solve this problem and add a smart gadget to your home is by getting a smart doorbell. If your home is already wired for a doorbell, installing one won’t be a problem at all. It’s fully featured. You can monitor who is at the door and even communicate with them. Smart doorbells are Wi-Fi enabled, and they can also connect to other smart systems. 

3: Smart Locks

The next item on the list is a smart lock. These locks come with a touchpad. No key is required to unlock. Along with automatic locking, a smart lock also lets you open the door from your smartphone. That means you won’t have to worry about misplacing your keys ever again. Smart locks let you create individual passcodes for different people. This front lock is more secure than a traditional lock. 

4: Smart Thermostats

Why only make your home smart and not energy efficient? For that, we have smart thermostats. These units have replaced the traditional thermostats already. They help monitor energy usage and optimize when based on when and how much heat or cold is required. 

Modern thermostats come with an app to let you monitor the temperature daily and monthly. You can turn off the energy when you are not home and turn it on when you are just 10 minutes away from home. This investment is every house’s need these days for saving energy.

5: Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

These cameras make your home smart and add an extra layer of security at the same time. It’s ideal for those who stay away from home more than often. Since these cameras have become so popular, they are cheaper to buy. 

6: LED Lightbulbs

These bulbs are a simple yet significant addition to making your home smart and saving electricity at the same time. An LED bulb is 50% less energy efficient than traditional bulbs, and it can last for a long time. These bulbs are compatible with dimming systems as well, allowing you to control the brightness. Plus, they are cheap, and they can be controlled from your smartphone, just like any other smart gadget on this list.

7: Smart Outlets

Everyone knows that plugged-in electronics eat power even if they are not in use. This phenomenon is known as vampire power, and it can waste a lot of energy. To prevent that, replace old outlets with smart outlets. These outlets can be controlled remotely. You can also set them according to your energy usage. 


Many other gadgets are out there to convert a traditional home into a smart one, but they can be expensive. Start small and when your budget allows, keep on adding smart gadgets to fully automate your home. 

I have converted my smartphone into a remote and used it to turn on my Android TV and enjoy my Spectrum cable just like that. Let’s hope smart gadgets become affordable so to such an extent that we can buy more of them to make our homes smart.

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