6 Tips for Experiencing the Ultimate Luxury Staycation in Dubai

Since Dubai is one of the Middle East’s premier luxury travel destinations, you don’t have to travel to Norway, Italy, Seychelles, or Maldives to experience a decadent getaway if you’re already here.

The city of Dubai has everything you need to enjoy the ultimate luxury holiday, so you don’t need to go overseas to experience the ultimate in opulence.

Dubai has maintained its status of glamour throughout the years. The city always has that modern, shiny look and feel, immersing you effortlessly in an ambiance of luxury and comfort.

Your accommodation options, which include five-star hotels and resorts and the best apartments in the UAE that double as holiday rentals, ensure you experience your home away from home with several amenities designed to elevate your staycation.

Dubai also has numerous attractions that let you rest, relax, and indulge in unforgettable luxury experiences, some of which are unique only to the city.

Getting the Most From Your Dubai Luxury Staycation

If you want to experience the ultimate luxury staycation in Dubai, follow these tips:

Choose the perfect accommodation.

You can enjoy your staycation by going all out on your accommodation, especially since you won’t need to budget for travel.

Look for a hotel, resort, or holiday rental that has everything you need to enjoy a luxury getaway: a fully furnished room with a comfy bed and furniture, plush, soft linens, towels, and bathrobes, a lavish bathroom with a soaking tub, complete entertainment system, Wi-Fi connection, mini-bar, coffeemaker, and modern kitchen equipment.

The perfect staycation accommodation should also astound you with gorgeous views.

Your home away from home should allow you to do whatever you want to do and make it easy for you to explore the city and do other things during your holiday.

Schedule a spa day.

A luxury staycation won’t be complete without a massage, sauna, and beauty treatments.

However, try to go beyond the usual treatments to enjoy a truly opulent spa day.

Some of the most luxurious spa and facial treatments you can get in Dubai include:

  • 24K Gold Facial
  • Uplift Caviar Eye Treatment
  • Ultra-Nourishing Diamond Rose Body Treatment
  • Hydrocool Facial

Regardless of which spa or wellness center you go to, make sure you try the other in-house amenities and services. This means immersing yourself in a Jacuzzi or thalassotherapy pool, spending time inside the sauna or Turkish hammam room, or joining a yoga session.

You can also select from among the different massage therapies to complete your spa day. From Arabian and Swedish to shiatsu and reflexology, don’t miss out on the chance to experience the health benefits of your choice of massage treatment.

Lastly, don’t forget to get a mani-pedi on your spa day so that you won’t have to rush through the process once your holiday is over.

If you don’t want to step out of your hotel, find out if they offer a spa package at their spa or wellness center. Check if you can also book a massage session with a therapist in your room.

Dine at fancy restaurants.

While on your getaway, treat yourself to the luxury of having someone else cook your meals.

As such, forget about preparing your food for the next few days.

Aside from dining at your hotel’s in-house dining establishments, book yourself a table at your favorite high-end restaurants or cafes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Consider going to a few you have never tried before as well.

You will be spoilt for choice since Dubai has numerous fine dining restaurants, some of which are owned by renowned international award-winning chefs and restaurateurs.

Be a tourist.

During your staycation, try not to spend all your time cooped up in your accommodation. Consider exploring Dubai and enjoy some of the luxurious activities the city offers.

Rent a luxury car to go around the city. Visit historical sites, art galleries, museums, gardens, beaches, and malls if you want to go shopping.

Also, try other luxurious activities that Dubai is known for. Go on a dhow dinner cruise along the Dubai Creek or hire a private yacht to take you across the Arabian Gulf.

You can also go on a premium desert safari and book a helicopter ride to go on an exciting aerial tour of the city.

Another option is to go on a day trip. Consider going to Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Al Ain, nearby emirates that have several attractions where you can enjoy a variety of luxurious activities, too.

Take part in an event.

Aside from exploring Dubai, you can enjoy your staycation further by attending a special event that you’ve always wanted to see or be part of but usually can’t because of your busy schedule.

These include visiting an art exhibit or joining a cooking, painting, or craft class.

Dubai also regularly hosts concerts featuring local and international artists. Malls, souks, parks, and other entertainment centers frequently hold concerts by solo musicians and bands.

Larger venues, such as the Du Arena, Coca-Cola Arena, and Dubai Media City Amphitheatre, also host international musical artists from various parts of the world.

If you’re into sports, you also have the opportunity to watch various sporting events during your staycation.

Get the chance to see your favorite local and international athletes play golf, tennis, polo, and other sports.

Enjoy a movie night.

Lastly, your staycation is the perfect opportunity for you to watch the latest movies you may have missed.

Stock up on popcorn, soda, and your other favorite movie snacks as you watch one or more of the films you’ve been dying to see for months.

You don’t even have to stick to the popcorn, candy, and sodas; since it’s your vacation, go ahead and indulge in pizza, cheeseburgers, chips, milkshakes, and anything you’re craving for.

You can also re-watch your favorite films if you don’t find any of the latest titles interesting.

If you want to treat yourself, watch a film or two at one of Dubai’s luxury cinemas.

From theatres with IMAX screens and VIP lounges to dine-in cinemas complete with a full-course menu and bar, your movie night can be one of the most indulgent, memorable experiences you’ll ever have.

Going on a luxury staycation in Dubai is more relaxing and enjoyable since you cut out the unnecessary stresses of travel and remain close to home. Moreover, there are plenty of things you can do to experience the ultimate opulent getaway in this city.

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