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Outdoor Propane Pizza Ovens vs. Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens

If you believe that choosing pizza toppings is one of the most challenging choices ever, let us introduce you to the never-ending debate between pizza lovers: outdoor propane pizza ovens vs. outdoor wood-fired pizza ovens.

Every person who wishes to buy an outdoor pizza oven has to face this dilemma. Some people prefer the smokey and authentic flavor of outdoor wood-fired pizza ovens while others love the ease of use that modern outdoor gas or propane pizza ovens offer.

So, what type of outdoor pizza oven should you actually choose for your back patio? Read this piece to find out your answer!

Outdoor Pizza Ovens: How to Choose the Right One for Yourself 

We’ll be honest. Choosing between outdoor propane pizza ovens and wood-fired pizza ovens isn’t easy. However, we will make it simpler for you by listing the unbiased pros and cons of both options. Read on!

Outdoor Propane Pizza Ovens

The biggest reason why people choose propane or gas-based outdoor pizza ovens is that they are much more convenient than wood-fired ones. Here are some of the major pros and cons of outdoor propane pizza ovens.


  • Propane pizza ovens are incredibly fast to heat. They can reach up to 800° within twenty to twenty-five minutes. For example, this ALFA NANO propane pizza oven can help you make scrumptious pizzas in as little as 90 seconds!
  • Controlling the temperature of these pizza ovens is easier than wood-fired ones. All you need to do is move the dial and set it to your desired temperature. For people looking for a convenient way to prepare delicious pizzas, propane pizza ovens are a dream come true!
  • Another excellent benefit of these pizza ovens is that they come with a built-in thermometer. Since you can easily control the temperature of these ovens, you can also cook various other types of meat, vegetables, and other dishes in them.
  • With propane pizza ovens, you don’t have to worry about all the additional tasks like chopping wood, lighting fire, and cleaning the residue – which can often be a nightmare!


  • The biggest con of outdoor propane pizza ovens is that they cannot offer you the smokey flavor of a pizza made in a wood-fired pizza oven.
  • You will also have to refuel them frequently, which can be expensive and a hassle.
  • These pizza ovens are usually more expensive than wood-fired ones.

Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens

The one thing about wood-fired pizza ovens that no other type of oven can match is their exotic appeal. The feeling of pulling a freshly baked pizza out of a wood-fired oven is unparalleled.

With that said, here are some major pros and cons of wood-fired pizza ovens:


  • Wood-fired pizza ovens have been in existence since forever! And there is a reason why they are still so popular. The taste offered by wood-fired pizza ovens is simply unmatched. It makes all your extra effort worth it.
  • Outdoor wood-fired pizza ovens are also a bit cheaper than the propane ones. For example, you can buy this WPPO standalone wood-fired pizza oven for less than $300! Amazing, right?
  • Advanced wood-fired pizza ovens like this ALFA NANO wood-fired pizza oven are pre-assembled and come with all necessary accessories. So, setting up and operating them is a breeze.


  • Cooking pizzas in a wood-fired oven generates a lot of ash and soot. So, you will have to spend a lot of time cleaning and maintaining them.
  • Controlling the temperature of an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven is not easy as the propane pizza ovens. You will have to wait a while for a wood-fired oven to heat up and cool down.
  • Cooking pizzas in an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven requires some practice and skills. After all, you will have to perform several tasks altogether. You will have to take care of the fire, maintain the ideal temperature, and keep rotating your food to prevent it from burning. This becomes an issue if you are looking to fix a quick meal.

Propane Pizza Ovens

Final Verdict

Outdoor pizza ovens can be an excellent addition to your back patio. They help you prepare delicious, crispy, and gooey pizzas at record speed.

If you are a fan of hosting backyard parties, outdoor pizza ovens can go a long way in elevating your experience and making your party setup stand out. After all, who doesn’t like eating a freshly baked pizza in the open while chatting with their loved ones?

Coming to the options, both wood-fired pizza ovens and propane pizza ovens come with their own set of unique features and benefits. So, the ultimate choice will depend on your preferences and your budget.

If you frequently host outdoor house parties and want an oven that is quick and simple to use, an outdoor propane pizza oven will make more sense to you. On the other hand, if the smokey flavor of a traditionally baked pizza is something your heart desires and you don’t mind some extra cooking efforts, you can go for a wood-fired pizza oven.

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