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6 Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing Wooden Stools Canada

Counter stools are one of the most important pieces of furniture in your kitchen, so it’s important to consider a lot of things while looking for the right one. But there is no better method for buying a successful product than doing your due diligence. In this case, that means knowing what to look for. Before you start shopping, take the time to make a few considerations and avoid making mistakes. We have compiled a list of six mistakes to avoid when buying counter stools.

Counter Stools Are Too High Or Too Low

Counter stools are the most common type of bar stool, and they work wonderfully in most instances. But there are times when you need a specific height for your stools, whether to match your counters or floor surface or to make room for a dining table. The height should neither be too low nor too high, a height that sits correctly on your counter will always be the best choice.

Counter Stools Are Uncomfortable

Another major mistake to avoid is to buy counter stools that are uncomfortable for the user. This occurs when the stool does not have a back or is too high and causes problems with resting your feet on it, sitting in it, or using it for eating.

It can even cause neck, shoulder, and back pain. Some people like to eat while standing up, but if you do so as you sit down on a stool, you can easily get discomfort from sitting on your lower back. As you can see, nothing good could come from buying wood counter stools Canada that are not comfortable to sit on and use.

Counter Stools Are Not Child-Friendly

If you have children, it is important that your counter stools are not only comfortable for adults but also suitable for the tiniest members of your family. It is known that children can be very rough on furniture, so you want to make sure that your bar stool or counter stool can withstand the abuse they will likely provide.

This is especially important if you have a child that still uses a high chair. Make sure that the backrest of your counter stool will not pinch or pinch a child who sits in it, and never allow your child to climb on or over the counter stool.

Swivel Stool Back Smashes Against Counter Edge

Depending on what type of counter stool you buy, it can be easy to accidentally move too far or lean too much, which causes your stool to hit against the counter. This is a definite mistake to avoid because the backrest can quickly become damaged, especially if you have a wooden backrest. To avoid ruining your counter stools and causing damage to yourself or others around you, it’s important that your bar stools are solid and stable.

Buying Too Many Or Too Few Counter Stools

Another common mistake is to buy too many or too few bar stools. Buying more than four counter stools can seem excessive and make your home look cluttered. If you have too few, the kitchen can feel empty or uninviting.

Counter Stools Don’t Work With Room Decor

Most counter stools are designed to be comfortable. They have a padded seat and a normal footrest, at the same time, you can adjust the height to suit your comfort level. What makes a stool uncomfortable is when it doesn’t match the décor or style of your kitchen. This doesn’t make any sense because, of course, they aren’t comfortable in an environment they don’t fit. Be sure to choose stools that match your style and decor, or you will never be happy with them, no matter how much you pay.

What To Consider When Choosing Wooden Stools

The most common material used to manufacture counter stools is wood, so it’s important to think about several things when choosing a wooden stool. First, you’ll want to make sure that the wood matches the rest of your decor. If you have a lot of wood in your home, you can choose counter stools that are made from a different material. There are also a variety of things to consider when choosing stools for your home.

Padding And Upholstery

Look for a stool with padding, especially upholstery, that matches the rest of your home and makes the bar stool look more attractive. You should also ensure that it is strong enough to be used daily and designed to withstand heavy wear and tear over time.


The footrest should not be made with loose, moving parts or straps that can rub against the feet. You should also look for a stool whose seat is wide enough to sit comfortably and prevent a person’s feet from cramming between the stool and counter edge.

Stool Back

You’ll want to pay attention to the back of your stool, which should be sturdy and designed to sit against the counter. You can also find this area on some counter stools with adjustable backrest bars, which is a nice feature.

Seat Size

Choosing a counter stool with the right size is important. Keep in mind that each leg support should be strong enough to hold a person’s weight. It can also help if the seat is slightly elevated, making it easier to sit and stand up from the stool.

The Bottom Line

Counter stools can be the perfect finishing touch to the kitchen, but they can also ruin your home’s decor. If you make the right decision when choosing and placing your stool, it will fit in with your home and allow you to use it for years of comfortable cooking.

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