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How to Choose a hair dryer online for salon-like hair at home

An effortless yet stylish blowout is a day-saver, just like other 2022 hair trends. Who wouldn’t adore flowing hair with the perfect amount of gloss, let’s face it? While a blow-dry from a salon is ideal, it is almost difficult to acquire one every day. You can, however, duplicate and perfect a salon-like blowout from the comfort of your vanity with the help of a few life-saving tips and methods. So the last resort is to find an equally amazing hair dryer online

If you think washing your hair is a laborious step in your hair care routine, try drying them out.  It’s possibly the riskiest method because air drying your hair can make it greasy, using a towel to dry your hair can produce frizz, and hair dryers can damage your hair—or can they?

Contrary to common assumptions, drying your hair with a hair dryer helps not only tame your hair but also gives it form, definition, and some much-needed shine. 

Ladies, this is the moment to nail the at-home blowout look! 

How to Choose a Hair Dryer? 

  1. The strength! The hair will dry more quickly as a result. In case you forgot, I mentioned that it took me about an hour to dry my hair. Here’s why. No power! Select a device with a higher wattage. 1800 or more for finer hair. The wattage of many professional blow dryers can reach 3600. Although more pricey, these blow dryers are great for thick, curly hair! They will reduce damage by halving drying time!
  2. Your companions are ceramic and tourmaline! Look for a blow dryer with ceramic and tourmaline technology if you want to smooth your hair. Your blow dryer’s ceramic technology aids in temperature regulation, resulting in more even heat distribution. A fantastic mineral called tourmaline helps smooth hair by sealing the cuticle and preserving moisture. In other words, it prevents frizz while aiding moisture retention in your hair.
  3. An icon for a cool shot! This mysterious button aids in “setting” the fashion. For instance, once the hair is dry, press the cool shot button to set the style if you are using a round brush to smooth the hair for extra volume and bounce.
  4. Additions! Your blow dryer needs to have a nozzle attachment to smooth hair. This concentrates the airflow so that it blows on the region you wish to smooth directly. To lessen flyaways, direct the nozzle downward when drying the hair. A diffuser for your blow dryer is especially necessary if, like me, you occasionally wear your hair wavy. This will aid in distributing the blow dryer’s airflow.
  5. Power and heat controls! To get rid of the majority of the moisture from the hair, use the highest setting. When the hair is roughly 90% dry, use the lowest setting to style. If your hair is damaged, this function is fantastic. Not all of us must blow dry our hair using high heat and force. Choose a blow dryer with numerous heat settings in addition to a high and low setting.

Looking for a hair dryer in India can be tiresome, but keep an eye on certain things to consider when buying a hair dryer. A high-quality blow dryer need not be pricey. If you look around, you can get an excellent hair dryer or from a major retailer that offers several of these features. Professional hair dryers, on the other hand, are designed to dry up to eight clients’ hair per day, five days a week. That’s more than 2,000 dried heads in a year! Hair dryers tend to last for a very long time. Not to mention the increased wattage that many hair dryers used by professionals offer. One of the best types of hair dryers that you can use is the Novatech wall-mounted hair dryer, NTD01. 

What is a wall-mounted hair dryer or how to find a hair dryer in India which is wall mounted as well?

A contemporary ABS body construction and aesthetically pleasant design are features of a wall-mount hair dryer. A wall-mounted hair dryer is attached there. It is made up of two components: the wall-mounted hair dryer base and the dryer itself.

What a wall-mounted hair dryer has:

  • Body: ABS Cabinet
  • 1200 W of power with a two-speed dry switch and a shaving socket
  • Power: 220V, 50Hz, 1Ph
  • Size: 153x91x210 mm

Wall-mounted hair dryers are safe and secure, energy-efficient, and practical to use. 

A hairdryer and a hair dryer base are the only 2 components of a wall-mounted hair dryer with a shaving socket. An additional feature of the hair dryer base is an integrated socket that may be used for shaving. One of the most practical and multifunctional choices to conserve space is a wall-mounted hair dryer with a shaving socket. You can easily manipulate the switch on the pistol grip to control the airspeed.

By speeding up the drying process, using a high-quality wall-mounted hair dryer can make your hair seem attractive and natural while also saving you some time. Using a high-quality hair dryer benefits you in the following ways:

  • Your hair is dried smoothly.
  • It doesn’t lessen the volume of your hair.
  • It controls frizz, keeps hair from scorching, and shields your fingertips from burning
  • It accelerates the drying process for hair.

Now that you know what features to look for, you can start looking for your best hair dryer or buy it from a retail store nearby.

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