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5 Pet-Friendly Home Renovation Ideas

As a pet owner, I can assure you there’s nothing like dog love. It is incredible how these four-legged creatures change your life for the better. What’s more, they don’t ask for much but give back plenty.

Therefore, if you happen to have a dog or cat, or are thinking about getting one, you need to ensure they not only get proper care but also adequate and safe living conditions (you can also get some great pet style furnishings for your home to make them feel at home!). Here’s how to provide them. 

Create a Feeding Station

If you want to keep your home clean and neat while ensuring your pet is adequately taken care of, consider installing a feeding station. You can put it in any room in the house, for instance, the one your pet spends the most time in. However, our suggestion is the kitchen.

The great thing about a feeding station in the kitchen is that it’s not complex or time-consuming to set up. Instead, you can use one of the bottom cabinets, eliminate the door and install a pull-out. It is an excellent solution as it does not take up a lot of space. The pull-out should have two holes, one for the food bowl and the other for the water.

In addition, you can tile the cabinet’s interior to make it easier to clean, as you know how excited your pet can get when eating their favourite food (or any food, for that matter!). Finally, create a space in your kitchen where you will store your pet’s food and medicines.

Choose Pet-Friendly Plants

Indoor plants are beneficial for two reasons. First, they are natural air filters, keeping the air in your home clean and fresh. Second, they add to any design scheme, making your household warm and welcoming.

Still, plants, the same as pets, require a certain level of attention, and it can be tricky for many to maintain them regularly if they also have dogs or cats around. Luckily, there are low-maintenance plant types that will make your home look beautiful with minimal effort from your side.

So, if your home remodelling includes adding plants, consider varieties that aren’t harmful to them. Remember, dogs like digging, and once they see a pot with soil, they may start playing with it and destroy the plant. It is much the same with cats, who might consider the soil perfect for their bathroom activities.

Therefore, opt for types such as succulents, as you can plant them in smaller pots and keep them in a place unreachable to your fluffy friends. In addition, plants like violets, ferns, and spider plants are also ideal for indoor spaces. They have shown to be excellent productivity boosters and stress relievers and are pet-friendly.

Make the Most Out of a Mudroom

A mudroom is another excellent addition to any household as it helps keep your home clean by containing the mess in one specific area. They are traditionally placed at the side or back door of the house. Still, don’t hesitate to install a mudroom at the front door if that’s the most commonly used entrance. 

Such a room will be of great convenience when you have a dog. For example, you can use it to clean the dog after a long walk on rainy or snowy days before letting them enter the house. 

One thing to be mindful of, however, is storage space. Install a bench with storage space underneath to make the most out of the area. You can use the storage, for instance, drawers, to keep toys, poop bags, and other accessories, such as leashes, towels, etc. Another good detail to consider is the addition of hooks to help with stowing away all the necessities. 

Install a Pet Washing Station

If you bathe your dog often, you may consider building a dedicated shower for them. Such a station can look like a traditional shower but smaller and be placed in your laundry room, for instance. Another option, incredibly convenient for smaller breed owners, is a small and tiled bathtub. 

Regardless of the solution, ensure you have hot and cold water in the dog shower and install a shelf to store your shampoo and brushes. 

Consider Built-In Beds

Opinions differ when it comes to whether a pet should sleep in your bed or spend time on the living room sofa. But, whether you approve or disagree with that, the ideal option is to create a dedicated sleeping area for your dog or cat.

You can put these beds in every room of the house, enabling your furry friend to nap or relax wherever they find themselves. However, crates can occupy a lot of space in your home, and having multiple dog beds may create clutter if space is at a premium. 

Luckily, one convenient solution will not only make your pet happy but also add to your home’s aesthetic: built-in beds. You can install a pet bed in any built-in structure, such as cabinets or shelves. In addition, with that approach, you can bring the idea of providing a resting area for your pet in every part of the house to reality.  

All these ideas differ in complexity and time needed to realize them. Ultimately, seeing your pet happy and knowing you’ve given your best to add to their quality of life, is what makes any investment, be it your time or money, worthwhile.

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