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Most Helpful Home Improvement Tips for College Students

Your dorm room is often the safe abode to which you retrieve for a much-needed recharge after a strenuous day of study. Although students have limited financial muscle, there are ways in which you can convert a bleak apartment into a comfortable space for rest and study.

It is vital to have a conducive house as this helps you to focus your energy on various tasks performed within your room. From my experience, an organized, well-lit environment is as crucial to getting My Paper Done as expert support. 

If you are a DIYer looking to give your dorm room a personal touch without exceeding your budget, here are the helpful Home Improvement Tips for College Students

  • Separate study and leisure space

It is vital to set healthy boundaries between various sections of your dorm room. This helps to overcome clutter and avoid distractions hindering your sleep and study.

For instance, set aside an area for study instead of using your bed as a study spot. The bed may inspire laziness and often result in unproductive revision sessions. Equivalently, using your bed as an entertainment zone is a surefire way to disrupt your sleep as you binge-watch a movie late into the night.

Ideally, rearrange the furniture within your home, so each section is well defined. Also, develop enough discipline to handle each task within the right section.

  • Eliminate clutter

A cluttered house is evidence of a cluttered mind. Over time, you may hoard a ton of unnecessary items that munch off a chunk of the already limited space, resulting in an untidy look of the house. 

Whether it be a collection of books you’ve already read, projects completed for earlier semesters, or bins of clothes you no longer wear, dispose of items that are no longer in use. 

Discarding these items leaves ample room for essentials and accessories, yielding a better aesthetic appeal to your living space. 

  • Upgrade the lights

Lights can be used to tune your living space to the mood you intend to achieve. Ideally, settle for warm cosy lighting whose hue you can regulate. This will allow you to switch between a bright light for clear visibility as you read and an ambient hue for watching movies or relaxing after a tedious day.

  • Invest in new furniture

Although students often work on a limited budget, there are many cheap ways to replace the generic and basic furniture which is standard for hostels. You may opt to check the thrift store for trendy furniture or to rent furniture that meets your preferences. 

Renting furniture is cheaper and allows you to keep at par with changing tastes as they can be traded at affordable prices. Also, consider investing in accent furniture to break the monotony of one-color furniture. 

  • Reshuffle your furniture

There are multiple ways in which you can reorganize your living space and achieve a spacious, neater look. Try out various designs and settle for one that accommodates your study area, sleeping area, and kitchen with little congestion.

While at this, consider investing in horizontal storage options, making more room for your furniture. You could also include racks behind the door, making the most of your storage spaces. 

  • Add greenery

Greenery is a great way to liven your room and elevate interior décor. The plants introduce new shades in your room, adding to the patterns within your room. 

Plants also refreshen your room and offer you a daily therapeutic activity of watering your plants. Be keen to ensure that your plants get ample exposure to sunlight to keep them from yellowing. 

  • Do a fresh job

Painting is a cheap way to express your personality within a room. Unlike other options, this is cheaper for giving your house a facelift. You may also consider alternating colours to bring a pattern that breathes life into your living space. 

It is courteous to consult your house agent to determine the rules for painting your room. If it is allowed in your apartment, we recommend that this be your first step before you settle in. painting is also therapeutic and helps you create a homely room in which you can comfortably recharge after a tedious study. 

  • Personalize your walls

You can also spice up your interior décor with pictures that evoke fond memories or artwork that breaks the blandness of wall colors. Be keen to observe the weight limit of your walls to prevent any damage. 

Mirrors are also a great option as they conjure the optical illusion of larger floor space. You may also consider a large piece of eye-catching art to act as a centerpiece for your interior décor. 

Purchase complementary curtains

Curtains play multiple roles in your room. A proper selection of curtains may elevate your interior décor and help control the light and airflow into your room.

Ideally, select options that keep the window light out to make a conducive environment for sleep. Your curtains should also allow ample light to allow you to study using natural light during the day comfortably. 

  • Invest in floor warming rugs

Like curtains, rugs can serve a higher purpose than keeping your legs cosy. Rugs add to your overall interior décor and also absorb noise depending on the flooring material of your room. 

Ideally, go for lighter shades to reflect light within your room, making it feel bigger. 

  • Purchase a bean bag

The extra sitting room is vital for the guests and study buddies you may host in your room on various occasions. Unfortunately, you don’t afford the luxury of space to cramp up an extra sofa without making a crowded mess of your room. Bean bags are great options for this sake as they are collapsible and easy to store. 

Final Take

Making a conducive environment in your dorm room does not have to incur a huge financial burden. These tips should come in handy to help you elevate your living space and ensure productivity in your room. 

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