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Running a Faulty AC: Top 3 Mistakes that Increase Your Utility Bills in Summer

Have you ever felt that despite trying so hard to keep the electricity bills down, it spikes every summer? Well, in that case, you are not the only one because a lot of people in Newport, TN, complain about dealing with skyrocketing utility bills.

However, households wondering how to keep a check on their electricity bills might look for tips and tricks. But, the truth is there are no magic tricks to cut down the bills in summer. But, avoiding certain mistakes like running a faulty AC by calling HVAC experts in Newport, TN, might be a game-changer. 

Newport, one of the smallest cities in Tennessee, US, has a relatively warm and humid summer climate. The summers here are long, so it is common for households to heavily rely on their air conditioning systems. It is hard to evade the AC machine when average summer temperatures hit more than 90°F (32.2°C) with over 90% humidity. 

This article will educate readers about the top three common mistakes to avoid to save electricity bills in summer.

Accidentally Sleeping with Open Windows – Mistake #1

Residents of Newport, TN, love to crack a window open at night to take a peek outside. While it might occasionally give them a fresh bolt of fresh air, it will also hurt the utility bills.

Also, in some households, people simply forget to close one or two windows before turning on the AC. Making this mistake means you are undoing the air conditioning system’s hard work. Leaving windows open will allow free entry of hot and humid air into the room, thus forcing the cooling mechanism to work even harder. And that also reflects back in the month-end utility bill.

Trying to Cool a Room in Seconds – Mistake #2

When the weather outside is sweltering in Newport, the comfort of a cooled room seems nothing less than paradise. But sometimes, the inner temperature is even hotter than the outside temperature, especially if the room has little to no ventilation. 

In such scenarios, what people think wise is to push the AC unit down to its lowest temperature settings possible. People do this to make sure the room starts cooling in a breeze. To work on that, excessive pressure lands on the cooling unit. It is bound to bring overwhelming bills later on.

Running a Faulty AC – Mistake #3

Air conditioning machines that aren’t maintained periodically will make it run at below-par efficiency. Most households ignore calling HVAC experts for servicing or routine check-ups. A running AC doesn’t always need to be energy-saving, especially if it has seen no maintenance in months.

Also, if the cooling unit is older than 8-10 years, it is high time owners start finding a replacement. Contemporary models are more energy efficient than older ones. Installing a high-performance cooling unit will result in a much lower summer electricity bill.

Wrapping Up

In Newport, TN, AC service costs around $75-200. But, emergency repair services might charge more, around an average of $200-300. It depends on what needs to be serviced, when the last service was done, or the present condition of the machine. 

Look for professional HVAC experts in Newport, TN, for the best repair and maintenance solutions. Their technicians will evaluate your machine’s present status and give accurate estimates of what you can expect.

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