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How A Battery Can Increase Your Home Value

Although not everyone will want to sell their homes in the immediate future, they will, at some point, entertain the thought. Furthermore, homeowners would wish for the best deal they can get for their property, meaning they may need to make some additions to increase their home’s value.

Depending on the home’s location, most modern buyers would expect to purchase a house with a greener footprint. It will also align with the global movement of reducing carbon footprint by having alternative power sources instead of relying solely on traditional electricity sources.

For those who are in areas prone to power outages, a battery backup to power their home is also something to consider. Whatever the needs of the family and their home, one thing is for sure, they won’t go wrong with installing a battery system. Aside from providing backup electricity, installing a home battery system also increases the home value. Below are some reasons why:

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  • Effectively reduce the home’s utility bills

Installing a home battery to supply it with an alternate power source could help the homeowner save money in more ways than one. The initial installation may come at a cost, but over time, the home will use less power from the primary grid, thus reducing the utility bill for the home.

Features like this will attract home buyers as they will realize the added home value to their pocket in the long run. Along with that, the peace of mind they will have to know that they can be self-reliant should there be an outage could be priceless to them. So, homeowners will be happy with the lower utility bill total each month, whether the home is entirely off-grid or uses a combination of battery power and other electricity sources. 

Furthermore, some regions could provide discounts or rebates to homeowners with alternate or sustainable power sources or receive a tax break for their environmental contribution.

  • Batteries are a sustainable source of electricity

A battery is a wonderfully versatile source of electricity that could help the home become more sustainable, especially when the homeowner combines it with a renewable source of charge like the sun. Many add solar panels to replenish the battery, further saving them on costs as these batteries could last up to 10,000 charging cycles per an article for Family Handyman.

Alternatively, battery systems could purely act as a backup that draws power from the primary grid to recharge. Even though this is still a valuable addition to the home, buyers may prefer the more sustainable option to add value to their new purchase.

Adding to its versatility is the fact that the battery system can adjust to suit the home’s needs. Should they need more power, they can add more batteries, or those without high electrical needs could install a smaller, more affordable system.

Renewable and sustainable energy has become a big focus for many governments worldwide, and consumers are slowly making more adjustments so they, too, can make a difference. 

  • Quickly produce a large amount of current

Unlike other backup power systems, batteries have one huge advantage: they are fast to charge and easy to use. Because batteries connect the home’s power grid and the source, there is a seamless transition from one to the other without interrupting any of the residents’ tasks.

Homeowners wanting to add more value to their homes could install a battery and inverter system to give them the freedom of an always-on power supply. Furthermore, it will be ideal for all the gadgets that need a power source to operate, like Wi-Fi connections or other smart designs like security systems with cameras or electrical locking systems.

Modern homes could rely heavily on various devices to assist the residents with different functions throughout their day, making a battery backup essential. Moreover, younger home buyers could see this as a deal breaker when considering the purchase, as they cannot power their multiple devices.

  • Energy from a battery is exceptionally reliable 

When considering all the various ways of generating power, batteries are still at the top of the list for being the most reliable source of electricity. It may be because batteries will keep going where wind turbines, solar panels, and gas generators could quickly fail due to a mechanical fault.

Some of these sources would require input to provide them with energy, like the sun for solar or wind for the turbines. Fortunately, when a battery system connects to these, it stores the power until the home needs it. Therefore, the batteries will still deliver as usual even if the weather conditions are less than ideal for driving the input device. It is yet another reason homeowners can add more value to their homes with a combination of options.

Depending on the battery size and configuration of the house’s system, there could be a sizeable amount of energy ready to use at a moment’s notice, making it the most reliable alternate power source compared to others.

According to an article by Houzz, battery storage for the home’s electrical needs is like the holy grail for the renewable energy industry, further strengthening the idea of how important it could be to a home’s value in the future.

  • Eliminate harmful emissions for the home

Alternative power sources like gas or diesel generators remain a favorite among homeowners. However, the emissions that come from these fuels could be more harmful to the home residents. Not only is it dangerous for people directly in contact with it, but the greenhouse gasses it produces could also affect the environment.

Battery power could be more eco-friendly as they don’t have any emissions to contribute to air pollution, and they hardly make any noise while operating. Except for a faint hum in the background that’s audible when someone stands close to the system, they won’t disturb the residents or the neighbors.

Ultimately, the house and its surroundings will draw more value from a battery system that supplies good, clean energy as a benefit and a great addition to the home’s value. This opinion is also affirmed by the latest battery market insights. Grand View Research notes that the production of lead-acid batteries has the largest market share of 29.5% above other types of batteries. 

Although the technology would need more research to make it a cost-effective and efficient application for other uses, it already occupies a large part of the market. Due to its use for uninterrupted power supplies, vehicles, electric bicycles, communication devices, and more, manufacturing and sales figures continue to climb as the drive for eco-friendly, non-emission energy options soars. 

Driving home the point

Adding a battery to the home may sound trivial to some, and without understanding all the value it brings to the table, this standpoint could be one for the masses. Fortunately, with lots of backing from environmentalists, governments, and the newer generations of homeowners, having a battery in the home is becoming a driving force for change.

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