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The Best Hidden Gems in Bellevue

Located across Lake Washington from Seattle, Bellevue, Washington, is a stunning city in King County’s Eastside. Bellevue is regarded as one of the greatest places to live in Washington and is frequently named among the best mid-sized towns in the country for its optimistic employment market, excellent schools, and top-rated parks. It is best known as the high-tech and retail core of the Eastside.

Bellevue houses for sale are pricey and out of reach for those on a tight budget. Bellevue’s excellent standard of living, exemplary public schools, availability of employment possibilities, close proximity to outdoor leisure opportunities, and sought-after facilities make it such a sought-after and pricey area to live in. The top hidden gems in Bellevue are listed here.

Bellevue Botanical Garden

Nature lovers should visit the Bellevue Botanical Garden to see the colorful and diverse plants of the landscaped gardens since admission is entirely free. From dawn till nightfall, you are free to enter and explore.

Make sure to stop at the Copper Kettle Coffee shop for a cappuccino and a baked good to refuel, and swing by the Trillium Store before you leave to pick up a present with a garden theme. For a festive and lovely light show, Garden D’Lights, stop by the Bellevue Botanical Garden in late November or early December.

Bellevue Zip Tour and Challenge

Would you prefer to be in the air than on the ground? You may soar through the trees 80 feet above the forest floor, test your reflexes and balance on an aerial course, or put your strength to the test on the climbing wall at the Bellevue Zip Tour and Challenge Course.

One of the top things to do in Bellevue for thrill-seekers and people who wish to conquer a fear of heights is this. Don’t forget to take in the stunning surroundings of the forest as well as any possible views of Mount Baker and Glacier Peak while you’re there.

Downtown Park

The downtown region of Bellevue is home to the stunning, immaculately maintained green space known as Downtown Park. On a typical visit, you’ll see folks exercising, playing lawn games, walking their dogs, or taking in a community event like the city’s summertime free outdoor movie series.

There is ample room here for you to unwind alone or together with friends. The park also features a sizable children’s play area and a tranquil horizontal waterfall that empties into a duck-filled pond.

Bellevue Arts Museum

The Bellevue Arts Museum, sometimes known as BAM, began as an art fair before becoming a permanent museum in 1975. By continuing to hold one of the largest art fairs in the Pacific Northwest in the summer, it continues to maintain its connection to its roots.

You’ll witness a distinctive diversity of art on any subsequent trips to the museum because it mostly showcases local artists and hosts changing shows. The Bellevue Arts Museum is a terrific place to spend the day in Bellevue because it has an intriguing rotation, a museum store full of things made by local makers, and lots of delicious cuisines nearby.

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