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People who work in an office or engage in some work where they are prone to sit in one place for many hours should be concerned about the fact that it is dangerous for their health to stay in one position for a longer time. you guys must protect yourself from Today I will discuss the disadvantages of sitting in the same position and how you can break this habit. Also, we will discuss what health problems are associated with it. So let’s begin with the details.

What are

You might have heard from many people that you shouldn’t sit in one position for many hours. We know that watching tv or working on the computer for hours isn’t safe for us but what are some diseases that can be caused by this habit? This can cause many life-threatening diseases of which people are not aware. It causes overeating, muscle discomfort, type 2 diabetes, fatigue, backaches, and strain on the heart, liver, and kidneys.

What are the effects associated with prolonged sitting?

Research has revealed that people who sit in the same position for six hours are more likely to die and have heart disease. If you sit somewhere for hours, it constricts blood vessels within your legs, which makes it difficult to supply your heart with appropriate blood flow. This can increase your blood pressure, which can lead to type 2 diabetes.

When you sit still in the same position your muscles and bones lose strength which has a higher risk of developing cancer.

Moreover, prolonged sitting can increase your body fat which can further lead to metabolic syndrome which also affects your heart. Now let’s discuss them in detail.

Type 2 diabetes 

It is more likely to develop in people who sit for 5–6 hours in one position as compared to those who sit for 3 hours. The more hours you will spend sitting the more the chance will increase of developing type 2 diabetes.

Poor cardiac health 

The blood gets accumulated within your legs when you spend more hours sitting, and this can give rise to blood clotting. Your lungs are more likely to get targeted for clotting, which results in pulmonary embolism. This condition causes the death of many people.


Prolonged sitting gives rise to many different kinds of cancer, like breast cancer, esophageal cancer, and colon and prostate cancer. If you get a heart disease due to this habit it automatically increases the chances of cancer. But research suggests that if you stand for 1-2 hours, it can reduce the risk of colon and prostate cancer.

What can you do to keep yourself healthy?

If your job is something where you have to sit for hours, don’t forget to move your body and walk after every 30 minutes. This will keep the blood flow to your heart balanced. Other than this, you can wear compression socks that help to improve the blood flow from your legs to your heart. People who sit for 10 hours straight are at a 38% increased risk of dying.

Exercise and keep moving

The reason that you are at high risk of dying is that you don’t get a chance to walk. When you keep moving, your blood flow increases and your heart gets the proper amount of blood supply. You can also do simple exercises at home on your off days. You don’t need to join the gym regularly. If you want to keep yourself away from any kind of disease, then the best option is to walk and exercise. These two alone will help you keep yourself healthy.


Today we have talked about about which people don’t have much awareness. They know that it is harmful, but they don’t know how their hearts and bodies could suffer. So it is advisable to walk as much as you can during and after your work. It could prevent you from dying soon.

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