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Garage Storage Do’s And Don’ts

The garage is more than a place to store your cars and work on projects. This extra square footage of your home is a great place to stash household items and equipment that aren’t used often. However, this area can quickly turn into a catch-all if it isn’t properly organized.

This can make it difficult to find items when you do need them. There are also certain items that should not be kept in your garage. Read on to learn the do’s and don’ts of garage storage so you can maximize your space. 

Clear the Space

If you want to organize your garage, the first step is to clean it out so that the space is empty. After sweeping the area, consider taking inventory of the items you have and throwing out the ones you no longer need. For instance, you can make “donate,” “sell” and “keep” piles to keep items organized. When it comes to donating items, you can give them away to family and friends, thrift stores, churches, and local charities. 

Create Different Zones

Before you put your “keep” items back into the garage, sort and store them by category in various zones. For example, you can keep lawn equipment in one area and automotive supplies, such as washing fluids and sponges, in another zone.

Bicycles, scooters, and skateboards can be grouped together and hung on the wall along with safety gear, including helmets. You can even set up camping gear, decorations, and recreational equipment zones. This lets you conveniently and quickly access the items you need. 

Don’t store items such as paint, pet food, canned food, and electronics. This is because temperatures can fluctuate in the garage and damage these items or cause them to spoil. Pests may even get into pet food and leave droppings, making it unsafe for your furry friends to consume. 

Use Pegboards on Walls

Do make use of empty walls by installing pegboards to add hanging storage. For example, a pegboard can be hung above a workbench to help organize tools such as hammers, rulers, and wrenches. Simply hang the tools on hooks or in baskets. This also makes your tools easy to access when working on projects. 

Stack Bins Vertically

Free up floor space by installing vertical storage systems with bins. This is a practical and aesthetically pleasing way to keep items organized. You can even use different color bins to differentiate the items within each container.

For instance, you can keep fishing items in a green bin and Christmas lights in a red one — or you can label each bin to locate items faster. Plastic storage bins are ideal since they are pest- and waterproof. They’ll keep your belongings safe, unlike cardboard boxes, which can be easily destroyed by water and pests. 

Install Corner Shelves

Another great way to utilize your garage space is by installing corner shelves. This overlooked area makes the perfect place to store small items including waxes, glues, and polishes. You can even use scrap plywood to create the shelves. 

For more storage tips on how to maximize your garage space, see the accompanying resource.

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