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Simple House Design Costs and Ideas

Simple House Design: The mixture of traditional and latest house designs makes the best modern and simple houses. When the old traditional designs merge with modern trends the result of it gives a very fab look to your houses. It keeps the look of your houses simple and elegant.

If you want to design your house in the most simple but modern way then you must be very careful while making it. In this article, we will talk about simple house designs that will inspire you to give your houses that look. So let’s get into the details:

Benefits of Simple House Design:

In order to fully understand the concept of simple house design, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the benefits it can offer you and your family. These can include:

  • Opting a simple house design encourages you and your family to choose simple living. With a simple life, you’ll have less stress and worries, which is essential in keeping yourself and your loved ones happier and healthier. 
  • Since a simple house design means smaller spaces, there’s a high chance your family will bump into each other more often. This situation can be beneficial as it allows you to spend more quality time with your family and create a strong bond with them. 
  • Choosing a simple house design allows you to save more money because the costs of building are much less expensive than with a complicated house design. 
  • With a simple house design, maintenance and customization won’t be a huge problem. Given its size, which is small, the house will be easy to clean and maintain. When it comes to customization, the process is much easier and quicker since it has fewer spaces to decorate.

Cost of Simple House Design:

The cost of a simple house design is not as much as people think or assume. They can be affordable if you do every step with proper use of your mind. The most important thing that most people ignore is the consultation of professional architecture. You can say that they make the base of your house.

They know very well how to design the house, how to occupy space and the appropriate you of material. People usually hire a civil engineer for designing their houses. And because of this, the cost touches the sky. Along with this the material you want to use and the cost of labor also play an important role in the cost of your house.

Features of Simple House Design:  

1. This is a two-bedroom house designed for a small family. It has a floor  area of 61 … | Modern bungalow house design, Bungalow house design, Modern  bungalow house
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If you want to get a simple house on a low budget then you can easily build one. But all you need is to manage the space properly. The following points can provide you with an understanding of what features your house should comprise.

  1. If you want to give your house simple and elegant look and want it to look unique then try to have a rectangular exterior. It will attract the attention of viewer and give a look of big house.
  2. In your simple house design never ignore the kitchen and bathroom and try not to give the all attention to your living area or bedrooms. Kitchen is a place that requires a proper space because it has a lot of things to give space. Similarly never ignore your bathroom designing.
    With proper bathroom design, you can boost this area’s functionality while giving it a more refreshing look. But if you’re new to this project, you may check out some information online like the bathroom remodeling FAQ to help you get started with the job. 
  3. When you are making house on small space then you can do many things to make them look enormous. You can select the color scheme that will give your houses a wide look.
  4. One more important aspect is that always add an open space in your house. Small lawns are best thing to make your houses more beautiful. You can add them in the front of your houses or in backyards of your houses.
  5. Always try to make plans that support ventilations in your houses because it makes your houses fresh.

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Simple house design Ideas:

Simple and affordable three-bedroom double storey house design - Ulric Home
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  • You must have heard about elevation. This is the design that is not going out of fashion from past many years. This is the most used design in modern houses. You can add vertical projection in different color combinations. If you want to give your house an aesthetic look then you can you can place panels on your wall.
  • The elevation designed with glass terrace and grey white walls gives a very attractive and perfect appearance to your house.
  • To get attention of people you can craft your house with wooden or glass windows and small balconies. You can choose subtle combinations of colors with projection.
  • One more attractive house design is to have a small garage and lawn with huge projections and elevations on the front side of your houses.
  • To occupy small space you can use simple material of white palette. It will attract the attention of people and make your house look bigger.


Everyone wishes to have a simple yet elegant house. You can achieve the best designs for your house if you keep all the important features given above. This article was all about simple House Design Costs and Ideas. Hope the ideas will inspire you.

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