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Low Cost Small House Design

Low Cost Small House Design 2022: Not everyone can afford high-class and expensive houses. Most of the population of the world is middle mediocre and they can’t afford luxury houses. For these low-income people, house designers and experts have designed houses at a low cost. It’s not like that if these houses are made on a low budget they will lack instability or other things.

All the aspects that should be considered while designing all houses are considered in these houses as well such as privacy and ventilation. In this article, you will see how low cost houses can be designed.

Low Cost Small House Design in 2022:

You can make small houses on a very low budget.  You can build houses under plot area of 450-500 square feet. These are the best small house designs. On our websites, you can find so many ideas related to simple and budget-friendly house designs.

The house that constructs in 500 square feet area is called small house plans. As the construction area is very small the cost of these houses is also very low.

 Now let’s see the important features of these houses:

500 square feet Low Cost Small House Design:

These houses that occupy an area of 500 feet usually cost 6-8 lacks. If we talk about the construction plan of these houses then these are constructed in width of 16 feet and length of 30 feet.

This house contains the following plan:

These houses come with a bedroom, kitchen, attached washrooms, living area, and a staircase.


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So it is the first thing that will show up while entering the house from road. These are very stylish stairs. There is a small area under these stairs that you can utilize for parking your rides such as car and bikes etc.

Living room:

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These low budget small house designs have a plan of one living room. The size of the living room in most of these houses is 10’2” into 9’5” feet.

If we talk about the ventilation system of this room then it contains only one window on one side only because all other sides are taken by other properties alongside the house. But you can place one more window if there is no house or property next to your house.


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The kitchen is also an important part of the house. It comprises the size of 6’7” into 7” feet. The kitchen also consists of one window.


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The low budget houses that cost only 6 lacs consist of only 1 bedroom. And the size of this bedroom is 10’2” into 8” feet. The bedroom is also made with only one window.

This bedroom has an attached bathroom and its size is 4’ into 7’ feet. As ventilation is extremely important on the backside of the bathroom the duct is given for the proper ventilation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can we build a house under 6 lacs?

Yes, you can build a small house under 6 lacs. The plot having an area of 500 square feet would be achievable under this cost. The small house will have basic and necessary rooms such as a bedroom with attached washroom living room and s kitchen.

Does advice from architecture is important while making a house?

Yes, they are experts and they know very well how to design a house even in a small place. The one mistake that most people do that they don’t consult them and go for civil engineering. This thing affects a lot in the design of your house. You must consider him while making designs of your house.

Closing Remarks:

In this article, we talked about low cost small house design. If you can’t afford high-profile houses then this article is of your interest. You can own your house on a low budget.

Hope you would like this article.

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