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5 Warning Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Home Alarm System

Security threats evolve. And we’re not just talking about cyber threats where culprits develop new malware to try to infiltrate unprotected systems, but also real-life security threats to your homes. Criminals are becoming more inventive in their attempts to enter into your home and seize your belongings, therefore, Wasserstein-home.com provides homeowners a window or door movement detection system with an automatic alarm system that will send an alarm or notification alert to your smartphone.

The only way to be safe is by installing trustworthy home security systems such as Alarm System Kit Builders. And to keep your home safe, you have to keep them up-to-date. But how often should upgrades really be? Here are 5 warning signs that it’s about time to upgrade your home alarm system:

Your home alarm system is 10 years or older

One may think that home alarm systems are permanent – or at least would never be replaced until they are no longer working. But security is something that you cannot wait until they fail before you replace them.

It is therefore helpful if you will be able to update your security system once it reaches a certain age. It’s safe to say that if your security system is already 10 years old, it’s about time you upgrade to a new one.

Your home alarm system is still wired

Older security systems make use of wired infrastructure. However, burglars have been able to take advantage of the flaw of wired systems. Simply cutting the wires can help them gain access to your home undetected. If you currently don’t have a wireless home security alarm system, then you should think about getting one.

Your security system is just an alarm

If all you have to keep your home safe is an alarm, then you can hardly call it a home security system. A security system that is capable of protecting your home against modern-day threats, then you should have more than that.

An alarm will be able to keep you safe from burglars who try to enter your doors or windows, but if you open up unknowingly to a criminal, then your alarm system has failed you. If you have a smart doorbell, you will be able to see who you are opening the door for, keeping you safe. 

Security cameras are also a staple nowadays, giving you visuals on areas you can’t keep an eye on all the time. They also deter criminals as being caught on camera can help authorities identify them, leading to their arrest.

Automated lighting can also help keep your home safe. Having lighting in the home even when you’re not there can give the impression that somebody is inside, deterring criminals. Lighting up dark parts around your house or installing motion-activated light also helps in keeping culprits away.

You should also get a digital lock to replace keyed door locks as the latter exposes you to threats of losing your keys. 

To keep your home truly safe, you will need a home security system that is more than just an alarm – able to address modern security needs. So if that’s the case for you, it’s about time to update your home alarm system.

You make use of security cameras with low resolution

If you do have security cameras, but make use of low-resolution ones, then they are not giving you the level of security you need. Security cameras are only good if they are able to clearly identify people caught on camera so if your cameras are not able to do that, then it should be upgraded to one that captures high-resolution images at any time of the day. 

More features that you should look into in a good security camera are motion sensors, the ability to zoom and tilt, and perhaps even two-way communication capabilities.

Your home alarm system is not integrated

If your security devices are still independent of each other, then you may need to upgrade to an integrated one already. An automated home security system offers better control and provides a higher sense of security for your home.

This also gives you the power to control your system from your smartphone, a level of convenience that sets modern home alarm systems from outdated ones.

Fight modern threats with a modern home alarm system

In order to keep your home safe from modern security threats, you should also have a modern home alarm system. If your home alarm system falls under any of the 5 warning signs listed above, then it’s the right time for an upgrade.

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