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Top Best Open Kitchen Design Ideas in India

Nowadays, An Small Open Kitchen Design in the home has become the latest trend and become more popular among Housewives and Interior designers. Basically, Open Kitchen offers excellent versatility and limited space for living. This style of design breaks down barriers between the central living area and the kitchen, making more socialization accessible to the rest of the family while eating. 

Might be, you are thinking, How can I set up my Normal Kitchen in Open Kitchen Style? Don’t worry, Buddy.

In this article, I’m gonna show you the Best Small Open Kitchen Design Ideas for 2022 which are perfect to go with the trend of Design Kitchen.

So, Let’s get started right now.

8 Best Open Kitchen Design Ideas in India

Open Kitchen Design

Small Open Kitchen Design With A Partition

Kitchen Partition Design Ideas For Open Kitchen | Design Cafe

Source: designcafe.com

Small Open Kitchen With A Partition is one best choice to design your Kitchen with little Privacy. Basically, If you want a short boundary between your kitchen and Bedroom or Living Room and make the kitchen Little Privacy, It is one of the best options.

Without making the kitchen clumsy, This partition gives you a little personal space in your kitchen. This partition of the Kitchen will help to keep your dirty food out of sight of your guests to a certain extent when you do not clean your kitchen after making a meal.

L-shaped kitchen layout for a versatile arrangement

If your house has a short space for living, then an L-Shaped Style Kitchen is ideal for your house. L-Shaped open kitchen blends seamlessly with the rest of the house and also this L-shaped design makes it both functional and practical with the Kitchen storage and appliance concept.

Therefore, an L-shaped kitchen provides an easy and more comfortable workplace of the room. In addition, this style helps to place the appliance and cabinet along with the corner wall, for things, it creates an open space in the center which you will use as Dining Area.

U-Shape Open Kitchen Design

Open Concept Kitchen and Living Room – 55 Designs & Ideas - InteriorZine

Source: interiorzine.com

The special U-shaped open kitchen design is quite bright and blends seamlessly into the central living area. This type of design Kitchen has all facilities like a big kitchen room to add air extractors, storage areas, two sinks, water supply, etc.

This design also has been to set up an oven that is neatly hidden on the wall and has easy access but saves a lot of space. The style and the color palette match the rest of the house and provide the kitchen layout with a sharp look.

Modern Open Kitchen with Incorporate drawers for Storage

As we know, Shelves are ineffective in storing large quantities of essential kitchen things. Cluttering Free Storage in the kitchens is one of the most essential elements of the Indian Open Kitchen Room. A Messy Kitchen space will not only ruin the look of the kitchen but also ruin the seating area.

That’s why Drawers, Racks, and Pullout designed storage are designed to save space and give you free space to store items.  For a small open kitchen, these storage ideas in your Kitchen save a lot of space and help ensure a well-organized arrangement of Kitchen Products such are Spoon, plates, bottles, or any Food Items.

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Commercial Open Kitchen Design

Which Commercial Kitchen Layout is Right for Your Restaurant? - Lightspeed

Source: lightspeedhq.com

If you are Businessman or Businesswoman or your Family is from Business Backgroud, you can use Commercial vives in your Kitchen. Basically, In this type of kitchen, a monochrome palette effortlessly ties the kitchen to the rest of the house.

Interior Designer uses the dark wood to look chic and inviting, and the kitchen appliances blend in with all the woodwork.  In the room, the hanging lights and flooring lights create some contrast with the concept and enhance the overall aesthetics of the space. This stylish design makes the kitchen a very modern and attractive look.

Use a combination of light colors for a Small Open Kitchen Design

For Small Open Kitchen Design Lighting plays an important role to stand out your kitchen from your Neighbour’s Kitchen. You need to  Use some decorative pendant lights, with backlights and strip-led lights to look attractive in your kitchen.

To add some pop-up colors such are, Bright white and leathery brown, yellow and white,  warm white and olive green, and use some stylish patterns inside your open kitchen you have to invest in colorful lines, pans, cutting boards, and more items. This lighting plays a vital role to eliminate dullness and lifting the energy of the space.

Multifunctional Open Kitchen Island

Multifunctional Open Kitchen Island is convenient if you like to cook together. In this type of Kitchen, you can be cooking meals and entertain guests at the same time.  To reduce the efficiency of your cooking, You can install a kitchen sink or hop.

Add a base cabinet to your kitchen island to store your crockery and cookbooks. In addition, to look better, you can use a fashionable high chair to turn the kitchen island into a colorful area for entertaining guests and enjoying the meal entertaining the guest.

Full Open Kitchen Interior on the Ground Floor

A Ground Floor Co-op in Sunnyside Finds Its Light | Apartment renovation, Kitchen concepts, Open concept kitchen and living room

Source: pinterest.com

The open contemporary kitchen has woodwork with mounted cabinets and Air Extractor that saves space. You can play music and feel the fresh air vibe in this type of Kitchen Design. The Decorative Pendant lights provide amazing lighting inside the kitchen while adding dramatic flair to the kitchen area.  Gorgeous carpets and open sliding glass doors in the garden area complete the cozy look of the kitchen.


Laxmi of the Home has said that the Kitchen is the heart of the House. If the Kitchen of the room is not good and satisfied, your house will miss something.  There are different ways to design a kitchen, designing is the most crucial part of decoration from My Home Complex home design to Logics MD web design.

Here are the 8 Best Open Kitchen Design Ideas which I have listed here. If this article fulfills you to decide on an open kitchen design in your living room, consult with your Interior Designer to discuss Small Open Kitchen Design idea for your sweet Home.

Now, I’d like to know from you:

Which of the Small Open Kitchen Design Ideas is you’d like most on the list of the design?

Let Me know in the comment Right Now.

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