How to Design a Yard Sign for Maximum Impact

A yard sign is a perfect answer for local businesses wanting to boost their visibility, promote their products, or recruit employees. They can be placed in the proximity of the business to attract the attention of the people passing by. They are also very affordable, making them ideal even for small businesses. However, they need to be designed right to achieve the best impact. Some practical tips for yard sign design:

Keep the Contents Minimal 

Yard signs tend to be modest in size, which is why you need to stick to only the essentials depending on what you are trying to achieve. If you are using them as way finders, including your business name and an arrow pointing in the appropriate direction is enough.

If you are promoting your brand, it is sufficient to include only your logo and website address. Include what is essential for the target audience to know so that you can have a clutter-free design. Too much text or text in small size deters people from reading signs. Include only as much information that a person can easily read and understand while passing by.

Use Colors Strategically 

By choosing the color palette of your yard sign, you can make them pop. However, the brightest colors are not necessarily the best, as you need to keep in mind the colors of your brand or business logo and the visuals since you do not want them to clash.

The background color of custom lawn signs should provide a good contrast to the text, making it easily readable. Also, the color should not merge with the background because people will fail to notice your yard sign.

Use Easy-To-Read Typefaces

Even though you may be tempted to use complicated or decorative typefaces when designing yard signs, the truth is they are difficult to read in the real-world environment.

You must keep in mind that potential customers need to read and understand the message at a glance as they are passing by despite all the environmental distractions. You should only use typefaces easy to read from a distance, preferably with serifs. Make the text bold and ensure a high contrast with the background to make it easily readable.

Use White Space to Boost Impact

You should not succumb to the temptation of cramming in too much information since the ensuing clutter will make the sign unreadable at a glance and will, therefore, not serve its purpose. It is far better to limit the amount of text and visuals and includes a healthy amount of white or negative space.

According to experts, you should aim to include 30-40% of white space in your design to allow it to breathe, make it more easily readable, and maximize its impact. According to Forbes, a design can appear too busy without adequate white space.


Yards signs are simple to design and display. They are affordable and help you connect better with the local community in several ways. However, you should not keep displaying your signs when you do not need them as people become accustomed to their presence and start ignoring them. For sustained campaigns to be successful, you can keep changing the design and locations.

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