Different Types Of Glass Roofs

A roof contributes a lot to the exterior as well as the interior of the home. Depending on the architecture, a roof can make up as much as 40% of a home. Along with the functional aspect, a roof also plays a vital role in enhancing the overall appearance and curb appeal of the home. There are different types of roofs. From roofing material to roof style, there are a number of things to consider while choosing a roof in order to perfect the performance as well as aesthetics of the home. 

  • Singular Frameless Glass Rooflights 

Rooflights are a great choice if you want to have a touch of glass roof without having to take out the whole roof and replace it with clear glass panels. It allows you to have a hint of glass along with the default wooden or concrete roofing. Rooflights provide a frameless window into the outside world through the solid roof framework.

The structural glass is mounted on a strong upstand in a rooflight design. You can understand the design by considering rooflights as small windows or openings in the roof. Steel or aluminum structures are used to secure the piece of the frameless glass to the building. The rooflights usually have an externally visible back painted glass around the edges. The opaque glass conceals the structural attachments while providing a clean external view of the roof glazing.

  • Glass Beam Supported Roofing 

Glass roofs require some solid support to stay intact. Different types of roofs have different types of supports. Glass beams are one such supporting element. Clear beams are employed to support big glass roofs in order to keep the design transparent and all-glass. A completely frameless glass roof is created by the clear and frameless aspect of a glass beam design. This design is used to maximize the amount of light entering the interior while providing unobstructed sky views.  The glass beams are installed below the glass joints in longer span glass roofs to provide structural support to the glass panels along the length. 

  • Steel Supported Glass Roofing

Just like glass beams, steel is employed to support the underside of a large glass roof. The steel supports shining through the transparent glass panels create a unique interior design. The steel supports are usually dark gray or black, however, they can also be powder coated to match your preferred design aesthetics. A structural glass roof with steel supports creates a minimal supporting frame. This glass roof design is ideal for industrial-style design schemes.

  • Automated Glass Roofs 

The automated glass roofs are an ultra-modern roofing solution. They usually come in a sliding layout that allows the suitable flow of natural light and ventilation in the space.  The automated rooflight can be operated through remote control. They also come with a waterproof brush seal system.  

  • Strip Rooflights

Due to the inline and narrow appearance, this roof is referred to as strop rooflight. They create narrow strips-like outlets on the roof. Silicone is used to hold the strip rooflights together. Silicone supports are usually used where the roof strips are narrower.

But no extra visible support is used in this type of glass roofing. The consequent glass roof only has horizontal black lines where the roof modules meet. Strip rooflights are also preferably used to create a link between an existing structure and new structural addition. These glass rooflights mark the boundary between the new and old spaces in some residential expansion projects. This narrow strip of glass on the roof also helps in bringing direct natural light into the structure.

  • Eaves Glass Roof

These structural glass installations begin as a wall and then continue upwards along the roof line, creating a continuous strip of glass panels. The vertical glass and roof glazing are connected by a standard glass to glass connection. The construction finishes are used to hide all the external corners and fittings, thus creating a completely frameless glass roof design. This design is ideal for structures with slanted roofs. 

Some Final Words

Glass roofs are a vow to luxury in modern architecture. They give the ultimate futuristic feel to the structure while adding functional value to it. Glass roofs maximize the exterior as well as interior by allowing the continuous flow of light. There are different types of roof styles to choose from. You can go for an all-out glass roofing system or choose to add a hint of glass with strip rooflights. It all boils down to your personal preferences and design aesthetics.

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