Planning Permission Design Consultants – Ways They Can Help

The construction of a dream home, residential flats, or commercial blocks requires a lot of planning. The planning permission design consultants come in handy in many ways, especially if you need to seek approvals to develop structures. They are professionals with the right skills and experience to walk you through the permission application stage and convince the authorities your planned buildings are up to the standards. 

When planning permission design consultants are mentioned, many people wonder, how can they help? Luckily, this article has important insights to help you know more about this. 

Planning Permission Design Consultants Plan and Draw the Design

What many people do not know is that many architectural companies work as planning permission design consultants. If you are lucky to work with a company that offers both services, the architects will plan and draw the plans according to your needs.

They are experienced and skilled in making plans and drawings that will qualify during the permit application. But if your consultants do not offer architectural services, they should recommend a professional company to work with.

They Prepare Feasibility and Planning Appraisal Reports

Before making a permission and approval application, the planning permission design consultants complete a feasibility report, which is a critical requirement by the authorities. Planning appraisals increase the chances of getting permission in many countries. Since the experts know this, they go ahead and prepare these reports to be included in the list of documents needed during the permission application. 

They Gather Documents Needed for Application

Apart from the plans, drawings, and appraisal reports, there are many other documents that are needed to increase the chances of getting approved to build. Now that you have entrusted this process to the planning permission design consultants, they make thorough preparations. 

Hence, they will gather all the necessary documents such as copies of the title deed for the land, all plans, permits, budgets, and any others. They will work closely with you to gather these documents and get ready for the application. 

Planning Permission Design Consultants Complete the Application

Different countries have varying ways of making applications for planning designs. However, many of them including the UK use the government’s online portal to make an application. Physical applications are still accepted, but the former is more convenient.

Your consultants will make the application in collaboration with you for personal information and any other. Making a correct application is crucial for the success of the process and to avoid wasting a lot of time. All you need is to cooperate with the consultant when they ask for information and documents.

They Do Follow-Ups

The authorities will take the mentioned time to go through your planning permission and approval application and give feedback promptly. But if this is not the case, you do not have to make follow-ups when you have professional planning permission from design consultants.

They will do that to ensure the project remains on track. The good thing is that they know all corners of the concerned offices and the right calls to make to push for feedback. 

They Take Care of Revisions

If you are lucky to have positive feedback from the authorities, then the project can just start. Sadly, you can get a “no” as an answer. But if there is an issue, authorities may ask you to revise the process, for instance, to provide more documents, change the personal details provided, or get cleared by a court of law. In such a case, the planning permission design consultants will take care of everything accordingly and reapply for the permissions. This makes it easy for the owner.

They Supervise the Project

Planning permission design consultants do not end their tasks after acquiring permissions. They also supervise the project to ensure all the approved and permitted building measures and guidelines are followed to the letter. However, the builder decides whether to keep them or not, and it is recommended that you keep them for the success of the project. 

Final Thoughts

When the planning permission design consultants work for you, the project at hand will be a big success. Their main role is to make a successful permission application, but as you can see, they come in handy in many ways from preparation to the supervision of the project. Ultimately, they will make your work very easy.

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