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Minimalist Furniture Ideas For a Custom Interior

If you are taking the step of remodeling a current home or building a new one, then it might be time to try to be more minimalist. There are many benefits of decluttering, both for your mental health and your physical health. Plus, having less stuff just makes things easier. You can find everything you need, and it’s easier to clean your home and keep things tidy.

What is Minimalist Style? 

The most basic definition of minimalism is that it is a design choice that leans towards having little or nothing that is not practical. That includes decorative pieces, and it also includes colors that might be seen as too bold or distracting to the eye. With minimalism, everything just has a purpose, and everything must be logical. As a result, there is a lot of empty space and natural light. For the most part, floors and countertops have smooth, non-decorative finishes, and appliances are built in as opposed to sitting on flat surfaces. Most colors should be blacks and grays, with some whites and browns. 

But that’s not all that’s important to minimalism. The right furniture is also a major part of minimalist design. It must be functional but also not take up too much space. It should also be a basic color that doesn’t clutter up the view, although you can have a splash of an accent color if you want. To get a better sense, here are some minimalist future ideas for a custom interior. 


Everyone needs a comfortable place to sit and even lay down for a nap. You can still do this with minimalism, but your sofas should not have any patterns on them. In fact, they should be monochrome, no matter what shade or color you choose. A minimalist sofa should also have a standard design. Its lines should be sharp, and while it can look great, it should give off an air of utilitarianism. 

If you love an all-purpose sofa, then no fear. That goes perfectly with a minimalist aesthetic. But, of course, you want to have furniture that performs many functions, so your sofa can also be a leather recliners chair, have cup holders, and especially storage.


You might think there’s not much you can do with a chair to make it more minimalist. However, while chairs are pretty straightforward pieces of furniture, the uniformity they have with other pieces often is not simple. Some designers suggest using different types of dining chairs and stools to liven up a space. However, with minimalism, all chairs should be exactly the same. They should also match with any bar stools and the sofa. You should not have any chairs that you do not need. So if you have a family of four, there should be four chairs. You can keep extras in a storage space for when you have company over. 


Many minimalists will say that you might not even need a table if you live in a small space. For example, many apartments have an island space that separates the kitchen from the living area. You can get away with using that island for both food preparation and eating. That said, if you are in a house, you should probably have a dining room table. That table should be sturdy with straight lines. The finish should be plain and monochrome, with no divots or character spots on it. If you sometimes have large gatherings, you can always have an extender made by a maker of custom amish furniture in Magnolia, TX. You can keep it in storage until those big events. 


Much like other furniture types, your bed should also be utilitarian. Many minimalists choose a bed that either is completely open underneath where you can see that there is no clutter or an enclosed base that does not allow for anything underneath the bed. A simple nightstand would complete the room and the look. The nightstand should have drawers for storing any bedtime or wake-up necessities, In general, you shouldn’t be storing anything on top of the nightstand, your pre-sleep book should go in a drawer, and your watch and jewelry should be taken off every night. Keeping your phone or alarm clock works fine, however. 

Outdoor Furniture

Minimalist design can even apply to your outdoor spaces. Believe it or not, patios and backyards can also look cluttered. Instead of a picnic table in your yard, a black Terrazza cylindrical table will look great, have a muted color, and provide a clean look. Since it’s a cylinder, nothing can be dropped underneath it, and it’s easy to clean. You can also choose simple, non-patterned yard chairs and loungers. If you want cushions, choose a color that contrasts with the main piece. For example, for a black lounger, choose white cushions. The contrast will look very sharp and appealing. 

Most people in the United States are not minimalists, but they want to be. If you are designing a new custom interior, then you can take an important step and be one of the ones that succeed. Use these furniture ideas and concepts to create the perfect minimalist space.

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