Most Impactful Investments in Your Garden

Your garden gives you somewhere to relax and connect with nature. It’s also a huge part of your home’s curb appeal. You probably want more from your garden, but it can be hard to know what investment to make. 

Here are some of the most impactful investments you can make into your garden, sure to make a positive impression on your neighbors, impress your friends, and bring you even more pleasure in your yard.

Build a Garden Shed

Once you have a garden shed, you’ll probably wonder how you ever got by gardening without it. A garden shed can make yard work a lot more pleasant, as well as be a cute addition to your garden. 

Add sweet details like big windows with curtains and window boxes, a gable roof, and a little path. Your garden shed will look just like a little house in your garden. What could be cuter? 

Make sure to install a Wall AC Unit for temperature control when you build your garden shed. The shed may look cute without temperature control, but you probably won’t want to use it very often. 

You want a garden shed where you can get away from the outside heat or cold and enjoy some small garden projects in comfort. Wall air conditioners can heat or cool a small space like a shed in seconds, so you won’t mind turning it on only when you need it. 

Create a Water Feature 

Something about the sound of trickling water can really elevate a garden. You’ll love staring into the depths of a pond or watching a cascading waterfall or fountain. Water features lend wonderfully charming character to your garden. 

There are so many options to choose from. Do you want a traditional pond complete with koi fish and water lilies? Maybe you want an ornate fountain that acts as a centerpiece without requiring a lot of maintenance. It may be a waterless pond with a waterfall perpetually emptying into a basin of river rocks that you’re imagining. 

Water features are available at a wide range of prices and styles, so you’re sure to find a look that works for you. 

Plant a Fruit Tree 

Fruit trees require more care and maintenance than other kinds of trees, so it makes sense that many homeowners would be hesitant to plant them. However, a fruit tree can bring timelessness and classic charm (as well as functionality) to your garden. 

Not only do fruit trees produce food that you can eat, but they are also important to birds and small animals. You’ll get endless pleasure from eating the fruit yourself and watching wildlife enjoy it. 

Make sure to keep the fruit tree you plant pruned and shapely. Fruit trees are lovely when they’re maintained, but they can get out of control and look wild and messy without appropriate upkeep. 

Enable a Butterfly Garden

Many people incorrectly assume that they will need to plant a lot of difficult-to-maintain flowers to encourage butterflies and other pollinators. However, in reality, butterflies and other pollinators are best served by the flowers that naturally grow in your area, otherwise known as weeds. 

That means that planting a butterfly garden is actually one of the easiest investments you can make in your garden. While it certainly helps to deliberately plant native flowers, just letting a patch of your garden go wild will be all it takes. Letting a small area of the garden grow butterfly flowers can fill your entire garden with butterflies. 

Make an Impact With Your Garden 

A great garden can make a powerful impact. You may think that a basic lawn and a couple of flower beds are all that you can handle. However, you may be very surprised to learn just how easily you can create and maintain some truly striking features in your garden

Whether you want to make a larger infrastructure investment like a shed with PTAC climate control, you’d like to bring more butterflies into your garden, or you just want a small new feature like a fountain or a fruit tree, you’ll be amazed by how much impact you can have on your garden with a couple of relatively small changes.

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