Complete Guide to Portable Bidet

Bidets are most common in European countries. Many of you must be aware of the word bidet. If not then let me clear you that it is a bowl-like structure that is placed on your toilet to clean your private parts. In some places, these are attached to the seats but these also come as bidet attachments and sprays you can fix them with your already existing toilet. They will give you the same function as the already attached bidets. Today we will talk in detail about Portable Bidet and other types of bidets.  

You can get 3 types of bidets that can be easily used and give the function of cleanliness. We will talk about them one by one.

  • Portable bidet:

Sometimes when you are out of the station you don’t get satisfied with normal toilets. You want the cleanliness of a bidet. In this case, you can use a portable Genie bidet. It comes with a sprayer and soft bottle that can be filled with water appropriate to the weather. It doesn’t spill or leak and can be stored at the back of your toilet.

  • Attached sprayer

This one’s for those who don’t want to attach a bidet permanently to their toilets. It is called a handheld sprayer. You can attach it to your plumbing easily and you can store it on any side of the toilet and can use it whenever you want. As it is handheld you can change its location and direction to any side.

  • Under already existing seats

These are thin toilet attachments that are plumbed under your toilet seats. The design is slim so that there is no space left between the seat and the bowl rim. It would save you money as well and will give you the exact bidet function. It is also very easy and simple to use.

Types of portable bidet:

You can find a wide range of bidets that can give you amazing results. I have collected interesting information for you. Let me share it with you.

Hibbent Portable Bidet Handy Toilette

It is an electric and rechargeable bidet. You can use this type when you are traveling to other countries. You won’t need to worry to clean yourself when you will have this bidet. You can charge it with your power bank if it runs out of charge. This bidet can give you many advantages such as it has great water pressure, it is less expensive, it is easy to hold and carry and there’s no need to buy batteries for this type. While it also has some disadvantages such as its water reservoir is small and difficult to find its water bottle.

Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet

This bidet is the cheapest travel buddy. It has a detachable nozzle and all entire functions are like all other bidets. An important feature of this bidet is that you can place the nozzle inside the water reservoir when you are not using it. Same as Hibbert bidets it also has some advantages such as its spray pattern being better than others, it has good bottle options, its pressure being good, excellent for traveling, and is available at low prices. While its drawbacks include leakage of the bottle, no storage cap, and are not compact.

QLav Personal Hygiene System

It is large in size and its size makes it more common among people. You can carry it for road trips and has a 1200 ml reservoir that is enough for every person. It is made with medical-grade plastic and is manufactured in America. It has great water pressure and is easy to carry as it is lightweight. You can easily fill it. There is no leaking issue in this bidet. It is not recommended for air travel due to its big size.


Everything about portable bidet mentioned above is easily available on amazon. If you are concerned about your cleanliness while you are traveling, you can carry any one of this as per your choice. I hope you like this information.

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